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I dropped off a couple of years ago. I think Angel Exterminartus was my last one. When it got format changes and became full of limited editions, novella and anthologies, that combined with the cost of it just became, to me at least, absurd. I donated my HH books to a charity shop during a clean out about half a year ago now since I realised I was never going to buy the books I missed and it doesn't seem like ending anytime soon.

I've switched my books now to digital anyway, but a few months ago or so I brought Horus Rising digitally and I got to reread it and I did enjoy it, so I've decided to buy each full book at the end of each month, currently I'm up to Legion and I'm enjoying doing it this way, but I'll never go back to buying them as they come out, nor will be excitement for the series be anywhere near what it was when I started.

But what I perceive the series to be has changed now too, when I started I viewed it as a somewhat solid Sci Fi ongoing story - even if it's end was predetermined -, but now with how much it's dragging, getting sidetracked, milked etc, I've come to view the series unfortunately now as background for a miniatures game that I play nothing more.


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