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nice boy, daft though !
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im quite shocked how many people have turned away from the series in just our little forum to be honest, if a similar thing is reflected across the board then sales must have seriously dropped off for BL, still it serves them right, how many books can you honestly say the story needed? 20?30? 40? someone at BL must have thought of a number at the start, personally i just wanted to read one story arc, that of horus himself, like we did at the start of the series, other cameos from his brothers, but generally i wanted to read his story up until his demise, many be chuck in a few other related arcs that were fundamental to the Horus story, then at the end when the dust settles, they could have chucked out "other Horus Heresy tales" which featured totally unrelated shit that was happeneing because of the Heresy but didnt involve Horus.
thats was my expectation anyway

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