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Default Wild West Exoddus has some Unfinished Buisness

What is this and why should I care?

The original Wild West Exodus Kickstarter happened all the way back in 2012. The game raised $332,194 USD (of a Funding Goal of a mere $20,000), and has generally gathered a cult following.

Things were riding high for Outlaw Miniatures, until it came to their first non-Kickstarter funded army, The Holy Order. While I don't know much (then again, who on here does?), the production was apparently frought with stress, turbulance and production difficulties - to the point where releasing the remaining Factions would take the best part of four to five years.

So rather than taking the four to five years of developing them, Outlaw have decided to simply boot them out the door while they still can, and they need your help to do it.

Okay, so who are the new Factions?

All Funding for the Campaign will go towards the creation and development of the final four factions for Wild West Exodus -
  • The Confederate Revolution - For all those "The South shall rise again!" types. While they abolished Slavery, the Confederates are still not happy about the Union winning the war, and so have been in a long standing Guerilla (or as they put it, "Gorilla") War with the Union ever since, something that has spilled over into the Wild West. Also Zombies. You kids still like Voodoo Zombies, right?
  • The Dark Nation - Native Americans originally from the Warrior Nation faction who became corrupted and fell to the Dark Side. And before anyone gets the racism hammer out - the Warrior Nation exists. The Developers don't truly have a hate on for Native Americans or anything.
  • The Golden Army - Spanish Conquistadors who use the most stereotypically Mexican army in existence. No really, they have Sombrero's and everything. They could only be more Mexican if their weird units were a Tequila dealer and a Mariachi Band. Also - "Dirt Farmer" is not intentionally racist. It's a term for a Farmer who works his land without Irrigation or Hired Hands. What is hilariously racist about them is it's an army of thousands of Mexicans (no really, this is Wild West Exodus's take on a Horde Army) crossing the American border to quest for the Fountain of Youth in the Wild West. There's a commentary in here somewhere...
  • The Watchers - Say, Cowboys and Aliens sucked, right? Well Outlaw Miniatures saw this movie and decided to base a faction off of them. They're basically the Sectoids from X-COM, but with bigger monsters and some slight influence from Aliens and The Thing.

Is there going to be Stretch Goals?

Why are these guys worthy of my hard earned DOSH?

If nothing else, unlike other Kickstarters Outlaw is actually good for your money. They made their dandiest to ship out everyone's orders. They even learned lessons from their previous Kickstarter, imagine that!

If anything, you should back if only you ever fancied some Civil War-era guys fighting your Traitor Legions of Chaos, or a Guard Army dressed in Sombreros.


For those of you who are not aware, Nafka of Faeit 212 also tried to show off this Kickstarter. He was greeted with a horde of Social Justice Warriors for his troubles, and things got so bad that he himself had to step in.

I will not tolerate any of that crap in this thread. If I see anyone trying to derail this into a tirade of Racism or the like, I will be reporting it.

And with all of that said, you can find the Kickstarter at this link here. Have Fun!

EDIT - This Kickstarter has now ended, and is now fully funded. Thanks to any HO members who clicked the link and funded it!

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