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Libby: Librarian (Codi: Codicer Epis: Epistolary)
Chappy: Chaplain (Rec: Reclusiarch MOS: Master of Sanctity)
Tac (Tactical squad/basic marine)
Dev (Devistator squad/heavy weapon marine)
Ass (Assault squad or marine)

BA only
SHP: Sanguinary High Prist (Also SP: Sanguinary Priest. BA version of apothecary)
DC or Deathco: Death Company
DM: Death Mask

Oh, CoD Cities of Death (aka Cityfight)

AC (Auto Cannon, sometimes Assault Cannon)
AssCan (Assault Cannon)
HKM Hunter-Killer Missile
SB Storm Bolter
MB Meltabomb
PH Psychic Hood

DP Pod or Can: DropPod
LST: Land Speeder Tornado (usually the HB/AC version)
LR LRC: Land Raider, Land Raider Crusader

HG Honor Guard (BA and Ultra)

Outside links
BW or BWB Battlewagon Bits (popular site for plastic bits)
B&C Bolter and Chainsword (big space marines/chaos/inquis forum)

some more general ones
GW Games Workshop (duh)
LoTR (Lord of The Rings)
GEq or GEQ (Guard Equivelant, low save/high numbers)
FOC Force Organization Chart (also Slot, as in a selection on the FOC. "Assaulty Scouts are good because they don't take a FA Slot")
FA or Fast: Fast Attack
HS or Heavy: Heavy Support

RAW: Rules as Written

Another Tau one
J/S/J Jump/Shoot/Jump, in reference to the Jetpack assault move. Usually jump out of cover, shoot, then jump back in

Perhaps we should expand this to be terminology as well.

Shooty: model, unit or army geared for shooting
Dakka: shooting, usually high rate of fire
Beardy, Cheesy, Munchkin: Questionable player/playstyle/item, usually keyed to abuse of rules/loopholes and extreme powergaming
RP: Roleplay
Fluff: Non-rules 'flavor text'

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