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“Take this” Pelegon grabbed Tyberus by the pauldron and spun him round, handing the marine a meltabomb. “I do not have a jump pack, but you do. The contemptor cannot shoot straight up, nor can it swing its arms high. Drop the bomb onto the top of its carapace, the armour is strong there but it can’t defend itself. I will distract it”

Tyberus glared at Pelegon for a moment, his initial reaction was to drive his fist through the Iron Warrior's skull for placing hands on him, but the Iron Warrior's plan was a reasonably sound one, and certainly outweighed the alternative of being pinned down and shredded to pieces by the Contemptor and the Tech Marine and his retinue of servitors with anti personnel emplacements.

His jet pack roared to life and he gained altitude quickly, the fire was drawn from the Contemptor into the lines of Night Lords below, as he reached his zenith he activated and tossed the meltabomb that had been given to him by Pelegon. He had precious little time to properly aim as a black mass seemed to carry across the skyline, along with the flitterings of other members of the Raven Guard.

A glance down and he saw the massive, awe-inspiring frame of Corvus Corax, and Azrael, so ashamed and needing to atone for his actions on the battlefield stood between the Primarch of the Raven Guard and Xandrek. Tyberus silently mocked Azrael, his choice ended almost exactly as Tyberus had suspected, though he did not see Azrael gutted, he got to watch him relieved of his legs and thrown into the waves of Word Bearers that now crashed into their positions.

Veptus voice carried over the vox comm, calling for their forces to rally to him and Xandrek. Tyberus took a long moment to decide what he wanted to do, his life would be easier with both of them dead, but ultimately he decided that he couldn't risk their fate to the Raven Guard or Word Bearers and heeded the summons, raining down covering fire as he landed near their position to aid in the retrieval of Xandrek.
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