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== The Chapter's Master==

For five hundred years Jonas Krieg, Lord of the Twin Stars, has been master and commander of the Master Race. He has served the Emperor and the Imperium since his initiation into the chapter with a ruthless clarity of purpose, steadfast loyalty second to none and a never ending hatred for the enemies of the God-Emperor of mankind.

He was recruited into the Recon Kompanie after one of the geatest, most destructive Tribulations Cerberus III had ever seen. Jonas Krieg distinguished himself on the field of battle as a scout in a squad attached to the Master Race's 4th Kompanie, where he proved an excellent marksman. He showed a particular aptitude for the sniper rifle and the art of the long range kill, earning the Marksman's Honor while only still a neophyte, the first and only occurance of such an accomplishment in the entirety of the Master Race's 8000+ years of history.

After being inducted into the 1st Kompanie as a full Battle-brother he served with honor for 350 years, rising to become sergeant of the 2nd Squad during the Silori uprising when his sergeant was killed by an overheating plasma pistol that detonated and seared away the entire right side of his upper-body and head. Sergeant Krieg fearlessly led the Battle-brothers of 2nd squad through the fiercest campaigns on every terrain from the airless vacuum of a Battle Barge's hull to the intense heat of radiation blasted wastelands and earned the right to don the blessed Terminator Armor and be recognized as a Veteran of the chapter. Veteran Sergeant Krieg, armed with Storm Bolter, Power Axe and righteous hatred banished the demon Verlyn'atha, Mistress of the Change Lord, for a thousand years and a day. He was subsequently inducted into the Master Race's warrior lodge the Reinheitskult, or Cult of Purity, for his valiant actions in the name of his Chapter and their Emperor.

After becoming a member of the Reinheitskult, Jonas took to the field as Captain of the Master Race's 1st Kompanie. Scant years after assuming the title of Captain, he led his Battle-brothers through the hellish nightmare battlefields of the demon world Trika. His Kompanie successfully invaded and destroyed the Obsidian Fortress of the Demon Prince Akon'Drakk the Seether. Unfortunately the wily Architect of Fate saw fit to save his corrupted minion and let loose his blasphemous magicks, stealing away Captain Krieg's chance at avenging such a slight to the Emperor's honor as the Demon Prince's existance presented.

For his bravery, loyalty and purity in the sight of the primarch, Captain Jonas Krieg was gifted with stewardship of one of the chapter's most prized relics, the Blatt der Rache, Stregan's Axe, or Axe of Vengeance. It is a great shimmering power axe with a large blade not unlike a cleaver, crafted by the chapter's Artificers for it's first Chapter Master. The blade was forged from a strange metal alloy found only in the volcanos of Cerberus III and refined on the forgeworld of Kirellah. Once cooled, it's harder and stronger than adamantium, holding the keenest edge through centuries of use in battle and yet, it is as light as an axe half it's size. The axe connects to the nervous system of the wielder, via connections in the power armor and thus the Black Carapace, making the weapon seem like nothing more than an extension of the body, as natural as his own hand.

Jonas Krieg became Reichsmarshall, Master of the Chapter, Lord of the Twin Stars in 995499.M41, 500 years to the day before Abaddon launched his thirteenth Black Crusade and assaulted the worlds surrounding the Cadian Gate. On the day of Krieg's ascension, Chief Librarian Schraber was granted a vision by the Emperor in which he saw that Krieg would lead the Master Race to it's ultimate destiny, to the great purging of the corrupted and the traitorous, the warp-spawned demon and the vile, treacherous xenos from the galaxy, when the Emperor and his Primarchs will return during the blackest days of the time of ending.

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