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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
I'm definitely in. Not played 5th edition yet, although I have the books etc, but I've played around with 3.5 a few years ago. Can't guarantee I can make many skype sessions though, I've got a new job which takes me all over the country at stupid work times etc, but I can pretty much guarantee at least one entry a week if need be.
It wont be on skype Vaz, it will be forum based with me doing the rolls and letting you know the results.

For example:

You would do your post then at the very end put in backets (Wish to attack Monster A with spell B, or want to do action A on item F) then in the update i will tell you what your results are if they makes sense to you?

Though im more than happy for you to message me on skype or do a call with me to find out the results of stuff, though i dont have a camera just yet. Im going to buy one when i get paid.

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