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Originally Posted by Einherjar667 View Post
I am with Uveron 4000%, and he's getting rep as soon as I get back to my computer tomorrow. I love what GW has been doing, Warhammer 40k saved me from one of the darkest periods in my life, it pulled me up from a toxic bout of prolonged depression and deep anxiety and I haven't fallen back into it since. I have a world to escape into, armies to mold with my imagination, skills to develope, releases to look forward to, worlds and adventures to read about, and like minded peers to interact with.

I am a happier person today thanks to Warhammer.
man I am with you completely.
this is my go to crafty space - i am not into fantasy football and other pure spectator sports trivia.
especially i enjoy the modeling and collecting and the theater and most of all
the most rewarding part of 40k is that people learn how to talk about the rules that govern their actions, and they learn to do it civilly, reasonably, openly, and discursively (rather than violently and directly).
people learn to use context to their advantage, to employ limited resources in the satisfaction of goals, and make the most of setbacks...
still, that is warhammer.
not GW.
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