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The better quality of plastic miniatures is like the better quality of neurophenomenology -
both are directly due to advances in fundamental (materials) sciences. GW deserves no more credit for their plastic models than does a dentist for the spectacular tooth replacement he can image in his office and then order online. One must separate the horse form the horseman, here.

GW is like every other institution into which trust was placed and from which all the lifeblood has - in the course of my lifetime - been drawn.

These are the golems of ancient magic, armies of self-assembling selfish-genes.
And, all is laid to waste in their path...

Frankly, this is as immersive a game as is American football or FIFA.
As it has been ruined similarly, by a similarly especially predatory thread of humanity,
it is no mystery that they should proceed similarly - engolemed, now a machine pursuing nothing other than the self-serving satisfaction of its 'directors' and 'investors' - parasites.

Money, after all, is the key to undoing this mythos - fiat currency is more a fantasy than a Sister of Battle. I have known some Sisters, they were merely born too early. I have never seen paper money worth anything on its own. It takes a zombie or a trained animal to make that happen.

GW business minds may be marginal from mainstream neo-classical Keynesian-Friemanian neo-shylockism to recognize that long term and stability means caring for the earthen supports rather than the heavenly pleasures.

That being said, what in the 40k universe is more heavenly than Sisters of Battle and Inquisition vs. killer (elven) clowns in space?

The middle path, my friends...

Then again, see fabulous Dicaprio GIF, above, for reality check.
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