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Originally Posted by Nordicus View Post
I think they're on the right path personally - I'm excited for each Friday as new stuff comes out and the pace they have going currently is really nice. It always takes time to adjust to a new path, but I like their current agenda and if they keep improving then we should see some interesting results in the coming year or two.

As with everything, they don't get everything in the first try - But painting tutorials, news every week, package deals where you save money and a focus on getting more of the less known armies out there seems good to me. Not to mention the absolutely staggering quality of their new plastic minis.

I don't think about pricing in this hobby, as it has always (and will always be) a expensive hobby. I care enough about rules to see some irregularities, but I don't play tournaments so I don't care about that. As long as my games with my friends and my gaming group are fun, that's all I care about.
I have to agree, the world is not a perfect place. But the Friday email from GW always makes me happy and when I am working the day-shift its the email I wait on all day, and when working nights its the first email I open up when still in bed at 4 in the afternoon.

Sure it costs a bit, but not that much when compared to my other hobbies and I am still using (and re-using) alot of the stuff I brought in the 1990's. Unlike.. well anything I own..

GW is not Finally Getting it Right. Because the have been doing it Right since the 1980's.. My life is a happy place because of the product they sell.

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