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The squad moved quickly and efficiently, resetting the trap even though the probability of it working had fallen somewhat. Decius had moved behind cover of some rubble in one of the buildings as they awaited to hear the telltale noise of the jetbikes coming back and readied himself for another engagement with the traitorous dogs. He checked his weapons quickly while he waited, making sure that they were intact and especially that his plasma weapon hadn't overheated as that would be incredibly dangerous. Luckily the readings were in the clear so his arm wouldn't be melted off when firing.

Vultus heard the sounds of jetbikes firing, obviously his brothers had found some more of the traitors and would be leading them into the trap. He could hear jetbikes moving closer and then their engines cut significantly, as if they were idling. He took a quick peek around the rubble and saw three jetbikes stopped in front of the chord idling as their riders sought out the loyalists. He cursed himself and grabbed hold of the standard as plasma and melta rounds started to slam into the building, blinding his vision for a brief moment as the traitors started to open fire on all the buildings as they saw the loyalists, pushing them out onto the street.

The Decurion and Krateron rejoined the squad as six jetbikes slowly descended and their riders got off, all World Eaters. Vultus felt his anger and choler rise as he saw the twisted remains of loyalists tied to the front of their bikes, with holes in their bodies where the plasma and melta guns had been firing. He placed the standard once more in the ground and drew his chainsword, revving it as he prepared for combat. Suddenly a voice that Vultus thought he would never hear again spoke from his vox unit, "Loyal sons of the Emperor, this is Captain Torgaddon of the Luna Wolves, Second Company. The Second and Tenth are at the Sirenhold, where Traitor forces are beginning to amass. The Precentor’s Palace is still in Loyal hands. We plan to make our way there for a stronger, united last stand. If you still live, you are not alone. If can make your way there, and add to our unified strength, we urge you to do so. If you cannot, as impossible as it may seem, cast your emotions aside and concentrate on what you have been trained to do and kill. Kill as many of these traitorous bastards as possible with cold, calculated precision." Vultus smiled underneath his helmet. He had somewhere to go once the threat here had been dealt with. He belonged with what remained of the second and he would ensure that he arrived there alive.

"We have sent out a revised friend or foe indicator. It is not comprehensive, merely based on what units we know were a part of the first wave. The Emperor’s Children holding the Palace will continue to work on setting up a more stable, local vox network.

Kill for the Emperor! Kill for the Living! And Kill, for the dead!"

Vultus smiled despite the situation he currently was in and readied himself. The World Eaters charged forward, one firing a bolt pistol round and knocking the heavy weapon feed out of the heavy bolter. Vultus moved forwards heading towards one with a chain axe crying out "Kill for the Living!" As he descends his chainblade to meet that of his foes.

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