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"I'm sorry Brother Aurellian, but in all likelihood Krejur will slay your friends."

It was the answer Sebastian expected and feared and the words chilled him to the core. He looked once more around the rag-tag group he had found himself in. Bar Darius these were not his brothers and though he longed to be reunited with the Emperor's Children, the true Emperor's Children, he knew that could not happen without these men around him now. Slowly he reached up and one by one unclasped the seals of his helmet and removed it. His face, still clean and handsome stood in stark contrast to his damaged and dust caked armour.

"Cousins." he began, taking the time to look each of those around him, the Death Guard in particular, in the eye. "You have saved my life. Our lives." he said, gesturing towards Darius. "For that I shall be grateful for however much life I have left. You owe me nothing, but still I must ask you for more. My Brother is besieged by the Sons of Angron. He is a fine warrior but hubris will be his demise. I am going to save him, but I fear I can not do so alone. Will you stand with me once more cousins?"

He stepped towards Apothocary Ulligo and spoke again, more quietly this time. "Whatever our next step, whether we make for the Palace or fight to the last here, our chances of success will be greater with Decurion Locolus beside us."
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