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Originally Posted by cooldudeskillz View Post
i think what i said came out wrong, what i mean in 6's you can be sure that you completely destroy a squad, without the worry of being assaulted afterwards, so yeh what newsun said lol.

Also i would rather have 2 units of bloodcrushers than 1 unit, over having 2 units of flamers.
Are you dropping them in and then moving them forward to flame allowing you to line them up for templates? Because if you are deepstriking them in, how do you arrange them that all 6 can even fire ? With the way DS placement works the ones in the back are most likely going to hit friendlies which is not allowed, check page 29 on templates. I would probably just run 3 flamers in that case and 2x3 crushers, finding the other bit of points elsewhere.
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