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"What are your names cousins?" Brother Apothecary Ulligo spoke and as he did, suddenly the HUD in Kyros' helm lit up and identified him as such. The voice of a Captain Torgaddon of the Emperor's Children spoke over the vox comm, clearly all could hear him speak. The Emperor's Children with him seemed to light up at the voice of their familiar Captain. Their cheer was short lived.

"We can't make it to the palace," the warrior with the autocannon spoke somberly, Brother Apothecary Ulligo nodded in agreement.

"No." Sebastien began, he voice manifesting as a low growl through his vox grill. "There has to be a way. Those are my brothers at the Palace." He looked over at Darius taking in the abrupt stump that was all of one of his arms and slowly shook his head, then turned towards the Apothecary. "You said you were still part of a larger formation. I would speak with your Commanding Officer." His words did not fall completely on deaf ears.

Kryos nodded his agreement with his cousin in purple, "I agree with Brother Aurellian," the HUD having identified Sebastien as such. "I will stand and fight wherever is necessary, but I believe we must make an effort to reach that rallying point."

Sebastien then turned to Kyros, having heard something over the vox comm on a private channel that caused him some amount of concern. "Kyros Straesen. The 5th Company of your Brothers are amongst the traitors arrayed before us. One of my brothers faces their Captain. Should I fear for him?"

Kyros let the name sink in for a moment and his eyes went a little wide underneath his helmet, gritting his teeth at the mention of the name of Captain Krejur. "You should fear for anyone who has to fight a Captain. Your friend will not defeat Krejur...The Beast of the Fifth is not an adversary to take lightly. I would think only another World Eater could best him, not for skill, but Krejur is a monster, there are whispers that he can control the Nails to an extent, his savagery is renowned throughout the Legion, not just the 5th Company. Your friend will need support to defeat him, I'm sorry Brother Aurellian, but in all liklihood Krejur will slay your friends."

Kyros looked over the rest of the group they were now a part of as a thundering crash that caused the ground to reverberate seemed to cause the Death Guard to all look at one another nervously. "If we cannot stay here then we should move, any advantage we may have by conducting hit and run strikes will be lost if we linger any longer Brother Apothecary Ulligo. Can we rendezvous with your Section Commander? Some of your Brothers were issued orders to search out and eradicate resistance in catacombs beneath the city, perhaps these caverns are accessible to us in order to get back into the city proper?" Kyros asked, he did not know locations, only the scraps of information that Gilgumann had revealed to him about his initial orders to clear out the catacombs beneath the city.
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