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The action thread is now live! The next update will be on 9/3/15 and I expect to see your posts by then. I hope you all enjoy this RP, because I'm really looking forward to it

Two things for you to bear in mind. All of you are in need of something. You will find whatever it is you need, but not much of it. What not much constitutes as I leave to your discretion but I'll let you know if it's too much. How you find what you need will provoke reactions/interactions from things around you, and each way of doing things has a different outcome.

Second is that with the exception of Kirai and Samuel, you are all alone right now. How you play your characters will determine whether they stay that way or find others. These others might not be other player characters or they might be. The nice thing is that this story is about individuals so it is entirely possible for your characters to never meet, or meet as friends or as hostile scavengers fighting one another. These choices are yours to make.

If you have any question PM me and I'll do my best to guide you. To all survivors, good luck and may the Emperor protect you!

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