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Watching the Corpse Master kick his jumpack into life, the Lord of Lies in his cold grip, Corvis paid them only enough attention to see other members of First Claw begin hurtling through the air following after their stricken Lord; the champion Azrael leading the pack after Veptus’ trail. More immediate concerns attracted the Young Blood’s attention though. There was still the matter of the servitors that were coming back to life. The tech-marine had managed to input one last command before the Iron Warrior could finish him off then it seemed. The hulking Dreadnaught lurching towards Corvis didn’t make the situation any more pleasing either. Slamming another clip into his plasma pistol, Corvis stepped out of his cover and took aim, the air in his dual lungs stifled as he focused on his targets. Smoothly, the trigger squeezed off quick shots in succession aimed at the group of armed servitors. In the process of rebooting, the servitors paid no heed as three of their unit were pulverized by the solar flares of superheated plasma, two of them taking direct hits to their chests and one’s head half melted off before it fell to the ground.

Before he could fire off another round though, the other servitors finally powered up and raised their heavy caliber guns at Corvis’ position. Ducking down as round ripped through the air, the Young Blood’s hearing could pick up how close those rounds were to his positon, the fizzes of blasted rock sent into the air and ka-chunks as the ground was ripped apart by incoming fire.

Keeping his head down, Corvis rolled to the other side of his cover and peered out. The servitors were still firing on his former positon but there was a more immediate concern that now required attention. While he had been focusing on the machine-creatures, the dreadnaught had continued making his way to crush his enemies. Eyeing the imposing giant, Corvis held a grim appreciation for the warrior entombed within the machines’ casket. Power fists swung left and right as the dreadnaught waded through Night Lords unlucky enough to be caught in his path. Against the weight of its blows, not even Mark V armor could withstand the impact of those blows. Dark blue armor crumpled as Night Lords were sent flying as the dreadnaught beat the life out of them. Unable to move with the servitors still unleashing their fury on his positon, Corvis gritted his teeth and took aim at the approaching doom.

“If this is my end, then I will die tearing that coffin open and ripping that half-dead Raven Guard in half before I fall” Corvis promised himself as he raised his pistol up. The Young Blood swung out from his cover crouched down; he unleashed a quick burst of plasma bolts waiting until the recoil settled before firing the next round. It would take direct hits to even begin to annoy this walking titan. The plasma bolts slammed into the dreadnaught’s right shoulder. After several successive shots the metal began to warp as the superheated flares weakened and melted the thick metal. Turning to face Corvis, the giant seemed to almost focus only on the Young Blood. Corvis could almost swear he could feel the near dead warrior within accept his challenge. With grim determination, Corvis emptied the rest of his clip at the advancing dreadnaught as the servitors shifted their fire towards his new position.

Corvis never paid notice to the ravings of men that preached the divinity of the False Emperor; he particularly hated the Word Bearers and their unending preaching. But if there was ever a time that Corvis believed in luck, it was the moment when he heard the whining and then deep thunk as auto-cannon salvos smashed into the Contemptor sending it reeling backwards. Turning his head to the ridge line of the gully, Corvis couldn’t help but smile his predator grin as ten members of Second Claw waded down the gully, their flexing power fists aching to touch the Night Lord’s closest kin as their chain-fists throttled continuous rounds towards the enemy. Peering out from his cover again, Corvis saw the remaining servitors focus now on the terminators as their numbers began to be ripped apart by the bolter rounds from Second Claw, hunks of flesh and bionics thrown into the air as the machine men were blown apart.

With the attention of both of the dreadnaught and remaining servitors focused on the terminators, Corvis decided now was his best chance to catch up to First Claw. Before he could activate his jump pack however, a sweeping shadow caught his eye. At first Corvis had thought it was his Father, the Night Haunter. Instead, the winged form of the Raven Lord raced through the skies, heading in the direction of the Word Bearers lines and where Veptus had flown off with Xandrek.

Taking off into the air, Corvis trained his eyes on the battlefield, scanning for any signs of First Claw. It did not take long before Corvis spotted the dread Apothecary, still holding Xandrek in his embrace. With Azrael and several destroyers from Tenth Claw in tow, Corvis assumed that the Lord of Lies was safe with his escort. That was until he looked down and spotted the Raven Lord surrounded a ring of dead Word Bearers. Rocketing upwards, Corax took to the air again, heading straight towards the Corpse Master and 4th companies lord. Putting themselves between the Apothecary and Corax, the Young Blood could see the Raven Lord almost casually rip three of the destroyers’ armor to shreds with his talons, sending them careening to the ground with their blood pouring into the air. Even Xandrek’s champion fared little better as Corvis watched the Raven Lord swat him from the sky, his talons slicing Azrael’s legs cleanly off him as he fell to the earth. With his path open Corax darted onwards deeper into the Word Bearer’s ranks just as Veptus slammed into the ground with Xandrek in tow.

Landing smoother than the Champion or Corpse Master, Corvis took in his surroundings. More Night Lords were appearing and members of First Claw all seemed to head towards the fallen Apothecary and the wounded Xandrek. Corvis however did not head after his fallen lord immediately. With everyone seeing to Xandrek, the Young Blood made his way towards the mutilated Champion. Firing off the occasional plasma bolt at a distant target, Corvis could see one of Veptus’ acolytes race over to Azrael and begin to see to the half dead Champion. Injecting Azrael with his instruments to help keep the Champion alive, Corvis couldn’t help but silently enjoy the scene of the stricken Azrael. Catching himself from his reverie, the Young Blood approached the Apothecary, noticing that it was the same one who had tended to his facial wound what seemed like an eternity ago, Brother Xheng.

“Hail Brother Xheng” Corvis flatly stated as he scanned the battleground looking for enemies that focus on the working Apothecary. “Young Blood” Xheng returned just as cold. “Have you remembered to watch the stitching on your face” He questioned in an almost reprimanding tone. Taking his helmet off, Corvis smiled his empty smile, feeling trickles of blood fall down his cheek as some of the stitching had become torn. Sighing and shaking his head, Xheng returned his focus to his charge. “Is he still alive” the Young Blood questioned? “Barely, but yes. He will need surgery upon return to the Maiden and several bionics before he is fighting shape” Xheng answered, “Assist in covering me while I escort him to the Lord of Lies postion”. Slamming a fresh clip into his pistol, Corvis watched the Apothecary finish his immediate mending and lift the Champion up by his stump. The Young Blood could not tell if Azrael was truly conscious or if his sus-an membrane had kicked on but Corvis could not help himself. With a cruel glint in his eye, Corvis looked Azrael over once more before addressing him. "It looks like it was you who was complacent today Sword-Master" Corvis taunted as he assisted Xheng in moving towards Veptus and Xandrek.

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