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Originally Posted by Orochi View Post
Having been delayed my Codex (no-one in my flat share decided to answer the door this morning), I can't offer much.

However -

Power Sword on the Warlord? Is this worth it, more so than just taking a Kiss?

Can't say what the Crescendo does for the Solitaire, but I would want to increase his Blitz assault potential.

The Death Jester... He is on his own? and he doesn't fit in too much with the rest of the Armies speed?

I figured the power sword is more consistent and will help with power armour. 3/4 ap3 attacks as opposed to 2/3 normal attacks and 1 str6 ap2 attack.

Just read I can't give Crescendo to the solitaire so will have to switch it over to the Troupe Master or Shadowseer. (its a pistol that does ranged attacks equal to his attack characteristic, prior to blitz tho) Will drop it and give a second Shadowseer haywire grenades so he can babysit my tank hunting squad.

I could replace the Death Jester with another Shadowseer, would probably be more useful.

Maybe this is better.

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