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Default where to find good hobby files?

Hi, for the past few years I have been using the old citadel emory boards which I loved from how they file down models without scratching them or anything (like the old GW files) but it is time I replaced them as they are getting a tad worn out.

The easiest choice for me would be to get the GW ones, but since the GW tools are ridiculously expensive compared to other tools I thought I would ask the community of their opinions. I know ones like the GW ones are what I want as I have tried them out and really like the result. I'm looking for some faily fine files that I can file plastic with but will leave smooth rather than all scratched. The main use for them will be filing down liquid green stuff as I use it a lot to cover up seems etc on plastic minis.

What do you use and where did you get them from? Alternatively does anyone know what grain the GW files use or any other specs about them?

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