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Story wise, I think a big problem comes from the Age of Darkness itself. A seven year gap in which Horus waylayed his forces from making to Terra and instead let them sack worlds, go about their own agendas, and solidify their authority.

So far we've seen things like the Thramas Crusade, Mortarion's attempt to turn the Khan, the events of Angel Exterminatus, Tallarn, and Damnation of Pythos. They are kind of just padding, but they also do explain certain things; doesn't stop things from dragging on though.

Also, has anyone read the story The Gates of Terra from back in 2012? I think that story, now going on three years old, had the traitor fleet in the outer Sol system. (Its also a Kyme story so take that as you will.)

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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