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Originally Posted by Garviel loken. View Post
I don't understand your mindset at all. We already know the conclusion to this story, so why rush it? Sure we could do without the limited editions, but the novels are going at a good pace
Because many novels and whatever they publish is just overpriced and generally full of shit these days. I got everything up to Betrayer and all these small publications and LE bullshit this goes way out of hand.

First years of HH was quite solid but after that its just been short story after Límited followed again another shortstory. And these MAIN books that should have pushed whole thing forwards while ago seems that they still are not going nowhere at all. Quality overal of whole HH stories has come from early years 8/10 to these days 5/10.

Im not supporting Horus heresy anymore and few of my friends are thinking the same.
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