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Name: Pieter Hark

Sex: Male

Age: 38

Vocation: Power Station Worker

Appearance: Pieter is 5' 9" tall. He has short hair, prematurely greyed and thinning all over. His skin has an unhealthy greyish hue and appears thin and lifeless. His face is drawn and creased, especially around his eyes and forehead. His left cheek is branded with the crest of the Tech-Guild he works for. A life of heavy manual work has had mixed effects on his body. On one hand he is fairly strong and seemingly muscular. However, the continued stresses, along with poor living conditions and malnutrition have had long term effects on his structure. He is generally stiff and constantly sore. He has a constant hunch and often limps.

His only attire is a set of heavy drab grey overalls that scrunch and rub when he moves. Underneath he wears a light vest that was once white but it now coated in layers of dust, sweat and oil. He has a pair of heavy black work boots.

Personality: Pieter is a quiet and simple man. He is socially awkward and has trouble communicating. He is emotionally stunted to the point of being a sociopath. However, his low intelligence means he in no way as dangerous as the term often implies. For most of his life he has been depressed. The only reason he had not committed suicide is because he had no concept of it. Death was something that occurred while working, he had no knowledge of it happening any other way.

Now he believes himself to be blessed (see History below). This has greatly improved his outlook on life but has done nothing to improve his social skills. The few time he spoke with other people at the power plant they all knew the same things he did. He therefore expects everyone to know the same things he does. He expects people to know about things that have happened to him that they could have no knowledge of and gets confused when they do not. He then finds it hard to explain the events and starts to doubt them.

He in singular in his purpose of discovering his destiny with little regard for the lives of others unless he believes they can help him achieve his goals.

History: Pieter is an indentured servant, the son of indentured servants. He was named optimistically after Saint Pieter the Merciful, a figure once said to have provided comfort and benediction to the worlds most downtrodden people. From birth he was raised by Guild appointed carers while his parents worked every day in the same power plant that Pieter would also go on to work in. This meant he was never really close to his parents and there were few other children around for him to befriend. He was given very little in the way of traditional education, only learning basic literacy and numeracy. The majority of his education was given over to fulfilling the role in the power station that had been assigned to him at birth. Pieter began full time work at the age of 12.

Both of his parents would go on to die at their posts, his father first when Pieter was 19, his mother four years later. He did not cry for either of them.

Pieter's life would always be grey and lifeless. He was assigned a room by the guild, only large enough to hold a bed, a toilet and a small cabinet. This would be his home for the rest of his life. Everyday he would wake up, say his prayers and prepare for work. He would make his way to the power station with thousands of other indentured servants like himself. Few of them looked at each other. Fewer still spoke. He would work a minimum of 16 hours a day with only minutes to eat and drink in the middle of the day. After his shift he would eat one last meal in silence with his colleagues, go to evening mass, then return to his room to sleep before repeating it the next day.

Pieter was working when the event occurred. The power in the plant went out at it took several moments for him to even notice anything had happened. It was the first scream of a dying working that brought him out of the trance like state he entered while ministering to his duties. Then there were more screams. As his eyes adjusted to the low light he saw the bodies around him. Rather than run or hide for his life, Pieter stood still and waited for death. It never came.

As the screams ended Pieter found himself alone and unharmed amongst the dead. The sole survivor of a massacre that had now destroyed everything he knew. In this moment Pieter decided that he was blessed, that he had been protected from harm by the distant Emperor. This meant that he must have a destiny, a greater purpose that he was meant for and greater things that he would achieve. He stepped over the bodies of his colleagues and masters, the first steps he had ever taken of his own free will and stepped out into the city. This was the happiest day of Pieter's life.

He now wanders the Hive looking for signs of what the Emperor needs of him.

Equipment: Insulated gloves, purified water, battery pack, copy of the Lectitio Divinitatus.
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