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Originally Posted by Ulysses1 View Post
It appears not, but I have a feeling they won't be discussing it much ^^
I would take the opportunity to remind you that character interaction is what the main purpose of this RP is, not fighting massive battles. It'll be about how you interact with one another and the choices you make to survive which may or may not work as well as you hope. You may discover what's going on, you might forge a band of lower hive militia, or you might just live to see another day. So you may well find that you do get to discuss that kind of stuff.

On a related not, Ulysses I'm not keen on how far Mikhail has traveled abroad. The purpose of having a vocation is to give you a limited skill set. From reading your profile, your character has military training, the technical and argueably expertise to maintain a bionic limb (however rudimentary it may be. I don't get the impression it's a peg leg) as well as the technical skill set of a munitions worker. Either be a munitions worker, or you can be a PDF trooper who is past his prime who is mostly relegated but you can't be both. Or you could pick a different profession entirely.

If you want you character to have military experience I would prefer it to be something local, like battle against the Underhive gangs. You can still have him having lost a limb, but I struggle with him being able to maintain it. Besides, the prospect of his limb deteriorating would at a weakness rather than old age.

I also don't get much of a feeling of who Mikhail is. Does he long for the glory days of fighting, or is he glad his life isn't at so much risk daily? Does he not speak to people by choice or because he's shy/anxious from his previous experiences and doesn't want to get close to people. All I really know about him is that he doesn't like 'fools' ore religious folks and cant take hits like a champ.

This is not me saying no, since I've critiqued other characters who are now accepted, but I'd like to see some edits. I look forward to seeing what you come up with

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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
And for two fucking grand, I could buy enough rum and hookers to 'artistically' recreate the better part of Pirates of the Caribbean.
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