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Originally Posted by TechPr1est View Post
ay, remember the halo rp? Good times
I sure do, mate. It's a shame it died out. I might start posting the background story for my character again. I still have that stored in a cloud somewhere.

Originally Posted by DeathJester921 View Post
I feel like that UNSC fleet is still outmatched. I wonder how they'll balance everything out
Spartans, my friend.
Or, just like in most games, the cost of a Covenant ship is far greater in points too a UNSC ship. Maybe UNSC ships come with flyers whereas the Covies need it as an upgrade, or they have greater range.

Fluff wise there are cases where a single Covenant Battleship can destroy a small UNSC fleet, but there's also a case where a single UNSC destroyer class ship takes down a Covie destroyer and two frigates and then manages to scare away a carrier, simply by using tactics.

They'll manage to balance it out, of that I'm sure.


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