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Name: Mikhail Buchkiev

Sex: Male

Age: 44 (An old bugger by Hive standards)

Vocation: Munitions manufactorum worker

Appearance: Mikhail appears to most as an old, rough-and-ready individual. Although he is only forty-four he appears to be older, his face is wrinkled and weathered with knots of grey hair covering his head and a dirty grey-brown patch of facial hair covering his lower face and neck. He stands at roughly 5'10 and wears a grubby set of faded blue overalls with a long grey coat, all his clothes had been repaired several times over, Mikhail's hands are worn from hours of work and almost always covered in some kind of dirt or oil. His right leg is artificial, it may be crude but it works well enough, this is something Mikhail maintains himself.

Personality: Mikhail is not particularly interesting, he has few friends and his days are taken up with the constant manufacture of the Imperium's munitions and most days he will not speak to anyone at all. He is not however, an unfriendly character and does enjoy human contact albeit, not with those he would deem as a fool or a zealot. Mikhail is not that fast or strong, true he can take some hurt and his hands have felt many burns and cuts over the years but his real strengths are his intelligence, quick thinking and resourcefulness.

However, Mikhail doesn't think that much for the Imperium or the Cult of the God-Emperor, while he may still follow the praise of him (as all the masses Thessalonica do) there is no majesty or power in it any more, he does not hate the cult but to him, it is empty in word and deed.

History: Mikhail was born on Thessalonica and most of his childhood was spent scurrying through vents and stealing as his parents worked during the day. This was not to last however and soon he began to take a shine towards the Imperial Cult. When the people were called upon to praise the Emperor he was often first in line and cheering the loudest, Mikhail truly was devoted to the Emperor. One can only imagine his job when he was drafted in Thessalonica's Imperial regiment.

At the age of 17 he was conscripted (although he was by no means forced into it and may have even volunteered) and was shipped around the galaxy to fight in the Imperium's many wars. He served his regiment with pride and saw many victories while fighting under them, all the while he told of the pride he brought to Thessalonica and the Imperium as a whole. But this was not to last.

Mikhail and his battalion were brought to an Ork Waaagh! Expecting another swift victory they were ordered forward to a strategic overlook and reached it without much trouble. Having advanced so far so quickly the battalion were on the verge of celebration. Then disaster struck. There position was assulted by a horde of Ork warriors, they broke into the compound and set about slaughtering Mikhail's comrades. This was unlike anything he had ever seen. Pushed against the greenkins by their bloodthirsty commissar the guardsmen found only death, it was without glory or gain and the battalion was torn to pieces, either by power claws or choppas.

He should have died there but the Imperial high command (in their infinite wisdom) ordered an artillery barrage on the position, and so Orks and Men died together in the fire. When the second battalion moved up they found Mikhail lying among the dead, his leg severed by an Ork axe. Although the Orks were eventually defeated that day it was deemed that Mikhail was "unfit" for active duty, and returned to his homeworld to work in such a way that would "better serve the Emperor". He ended up in the Thessalonica munitions manufactorium where he has remained to this day.

When "The Event" struck he was at work; the lights went out and screams began to pierce the darkness, something struck him on the head and he was struck unconscious. When Mikhail awoke he lay among the bodies of his co-workers, he managed to crawl through the darkness and make it back to the squalid refuge he calls home. From there he has attempted to gather supplies and make human contact, with varying degrees of success.

Equipment: Multitool, Rations, Purified water, Fire-starters

Sorry for the long history, but I think its rather fundamental for understanding the personality of Mikhail: who he was and who he is now.
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