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Default 1500pts OnG army list

Hi, so, new to this forum but I've been a lurker for a while and got som questions. Going to play 1500 pts army against Chaos and Empire and could use suggestions. Enough backstory.

SO Great Shaman - Lvl 4, Shrunken head and fencer blades - 290 pts

BO Big Boss - BSB, Armour of Destiny - 165 pts
Goblin Big Boss - Giant Wolf, Spear - 49 pts
NG shaman - Dispel Scroll, 75 pts

39 x Night Goblins - Spears, 2 x Fanatics, Netters, Musician, Standard - 232 pts
24 x SO Big uns - Full Command, Add Hand Weapon, Big uns - 299
5 x Goblin Wolf riders - Musician - 65 pts

Troll - 35 pts

2 x Mangler Squigs - 130 pts
2 x Doom Divers - 160 pts

Total: 1500 pts

The troll is supportive for my SO unit and a good option IMO against Chaos. Any ideas for improvement?
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