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Default Starting a new Empire Army

So I recently decided to go empire and have been looking at the Empire army list to see what i should get.
Now I know everyone says I should get the battalion but i wont because i would rather fine tune my army completely than have to build around a battalion box.

Now I wanted to make a army called "Sigvalds Holy Brigade".

This army will have Mainly cavalry and a few handgunner and Halberdiers units.
To start Im only going with 500 points so this is what I came up with any constructive criticism is welcome. if you think that a different ranged and melee unit will suit the name better please tell me.

Heroes(110 points):
==Warrior Priest (Will be in Knightly Orders unit) ==
-Heavy Armour
-Barbed Warhorse

Core(294 points):

==Knightly Orders (8) ==
-Great Weapons
-Full command
-No magic standard

==Halberdiers (10) ==
-Full Command

==Handgunners (10)==
-Will go with Halberdiers

i have 16 points left nothing that i can think to spend it on

Thanks for reading

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