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You've got me to crack on the cultists. Although I spent the points on a a Hell Blade instead of bikes. Paired with the Sicaran, It will actually provide the list some solid anti-air. It doesn't help as much vs heavy armor as more melta would, but its rending autocannons work great vs MCs. I had to strip level 2 and the melta bombs off the Sorcerer to do it, but it really does simplify his existence. Hope to roll shrouding, then torrent and shriek enemies.

At least there is still one actual Marine unit...

Vanilla 1000
# HQ
Sorcerer: spell familiar, force sword, burning brand - 105

# Troops
5 Marines: plasma gun, melta bombs - 95
Rhino: dozer blade - 40

10 Cultists - 50

# Fast Attack
3 Bikes: 2 melta guns, melta bombs - 95

3 Bikes: 2 melta guns, melta bombs - 95

Hell Blade: helstorm autocannons - 115

# Heavy Support
Maulerfiend: lasher tendrils - 135

Sicaran - 135

Predator: lascannons - 135

I've been thinking more about @Uveron 's suggestion. At higher points I might try a unit of 20 with MoK and this guy from the Renegades codex for re-roll hits and wounds on the first round of combat:

Arch-demagogue (warlord): revolutionary, khorne, carapace armor, power fist, melta bombs - 67

Maybe even stick em in a Spartan or Storm Eagle. Not that I have the model for it, but it would be fun to try out. Might even use Fabius Bile to get S5 on the unit, with S6 on the charge from the khorne banner.

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