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Following on from Sethis's comments about Imperial ships, I have been an Empire player for a year now and thought I would give a simple breakdown on the TIE Imperial arsenal.

TIE Fighter

The classic Imperial starfighter. Whether flying in swarms of 7-8, being used to run the channels and deny actions, or using named pilots to support other squad builds, the TIE fighter is the archetypal Empire ship. As a single ship, it doesn't pack that much of a punch, but put it in a swarm and that's a lot or red dice being thrown especially at range one. Death by a thousand laser shots. It is also very nimble, has three evade dice and can take evade actions. At long range they are very difficult to take down. And should you take one down, there is still usually six or seven remaining to take you down in a hail of concentrated laser fire. The classic Imperial list.

Point wise, the TIE Fighter is great for point economy with the Academy Pilot at 12 points through to Howlrunner at 18 points. The 'all star pilots' also have some great abilities for very little points. Dark Curse at 16 points is a great example. Spend three points to stick a Stealth Device on him and he is there for the duration, Howlrunner loves the swarm and Mauler Mithell and Backstabber like violence.

TIE Interceptor.

Quite possibly the sexiest looking startfighter in the whole game. Good attack, good defence and access to Soontir Fel. Result. Flown very differently to the TIE Fighter, the Interceptor excels at escaping the fire arcs of opposing starfighters, using barrel roll and boost actions to get the optimum shot then using its excellent movement dial to zip out again. These are flankers, experts in ambush and attacking from outside of opposing starfighters firing arcs. For 18 points you get a basic Alpha Squadron pilot all the way up to Mr Fel, one of the MVP's of X Wing. Outside of Fel, you also have access to other named pilots like Turr Phennir, Carnor Jax and Kir Kanos, again all with great abilities.

Flying Interceptors is a challenge, the speed, manoeuvres and weaknesses need to be learned. They are very susceptible to turrets that can fire in a 360 fire arc and massed fire but fly them well and they are brutally efficient.

TIE Advanced.

Get to play as Darth Vader. Epic. The TIE Advanced boasts good defence with shields. Lacks the sharp one turn manoeuvres of the Fighter and Interceptor but is certainly no slouch when it comes to moving. Defensively it has three evade dice, two shields and can take Evade actions so again, very difficult to take down.The Advanced can also take missiles as an upgrade and has the ability to Target Lock as an action. Darth Vader comes with the TIE Advanced and can be great as a defensive addition with pilot upgrades like Squad Leader or offensively with Expose. Point wise will have you thinking. 21 basic with a pilot skill of 2 versus more Academy Pilot TIE Fighters. Your move.

TIE Bomber

A flying weapons platform with access to masses of heavy ordnance. Not as manoeuvrable as its TIE Fighter cousin, the Bombers main role is firing missiles and torpedoes for a blistering opening strike. Its lack of agility is offset against its huge six hull points. Some effective named pilots in Captain Jonus and Major Rhymer both packing secondary weapon abilities. Again, you will need to give careful consideration when it comes to the points you'll be forking out.

TIE Defender.

Now we are getting to the big point big hitters. 30 points basic and with one and two sharp turns on the movement dial being red manoeuvres so incurring a stress token, it lacks the agility of the Fighter and Interceptor. So what bang do you get for your buck? How does the ability to equip a cannon as a secondary weapon and perform 18 degree white K Turns grab you champ? The Defender also has good offensive and defensive stats with three hull and three shield. The ability to perform an action after K Turning is the biggy here, moreso when combined with a Heavy Laser Cannon. This ability is also cranked up in the nasty stakes when you take named pilots Rexlar Brath and Colonel Vessery. Another Imperial ship that needs to be flown correctly but is uber horrible when done so.

TIE Phantom.

I love this ship. Let me say that again. I love this ship. Lets get the negatives out of the way - uncloaked and being shot at, its probably going to die and you will cry as over 45% of your list is blatted away. However, stick an upgrade like an Advanced Cloaking Device on it and you have a thing of breathtaking beauty and supreme nastiness. The Phantom has four attack dice basic. FOUR DICE. Stick a Fire Control System on it as another upgrade and that's four/five dice with a Target Lock action. Combined with an ability to dodge out of enemy ships firing arcs with impunity with its movement dial and decloaking ability, the Phantom can be extremely lethal and has the ability to destroy a lot of enemy starfighters with just one shot. Named pilots like Echo and Whisper are pricey but just add to how dangerous the Phantom can be.

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