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Originally Posted by Tezdal View Post
Agreed, such an awesome show to just be left hanging like it was, Deadwood was another great one that ended before it's time.
Carnivale was a really risky show, there was and is nothing like it,
as much as I liked it, I expected it to be cancelled half way through the first series.

Deadwood is an utter mess, it wasn't actually cancelled per se, it was all because the main guy jumped ship (Milch) to create another show for HBO,
it caused an awful lot of trouble for HBO because of the way they allowed it to happen with several big actors (and people behind the scenes too) refusing to work with them again.

Originally Posted by Uveron View Post
To Be Honest, It just wasn't that good.
Trying not to sneak up on you with an axe here.

Most sci-fi shows have terrible first series,
firefly started fairly well but Fox barely advertised it and chopped the episodes (and the running order) all over the place.

Had Firefly aired for another channel (not syfy) today I am fairly sure it would take off

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