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Thanks for the feedback. I've played a couple games and have made some updates to the list.

The amount of damage I've got off each game with the sorcerer has been fantastic. Shriek + the torrent can take a bite out of most things. However, he is immediately killed afterwards because of the vulnerable position he must put himself in to deal that damage. So I took him off his bike, shoved him in a Rhino, and bumped him up to level 2. This should help keep him alive longer, and shift target priority away from my bikes and maulerfiend to his rhino. The loss of mobility may be missed, but it will take more games to find out.

The troops are doing well in their role of roving fire support. Generally hugging cover and/or objectives while providing 24" fire. As a result they've stayed out of combat. So, their ccws have been dropped.

The havoc launcher just wasn't doing enough for me so they were dropped in favor of some dozer blades to help me with all the cover I've been getting immobilized in. The 48" range would be nice if I weren't always in 24" so the Marines inside can fire. To fire at further away targets would be to waste its combi-bolter.

I think the havoc launcher still has a place on dakka predators and rhinos for blastmaster marines though. I would go for 5 marines with missile launcher in a havoc rhino but no heavies until 10 models .

With the Sorcerer gone from the flamer bikes, they're free to revert to their natural state: melta guns. Which is fantastic because I needed more in the list.

Finally the Maulerfiend got lasher tendrils because other things were beating it up a little too easy in combat.

Vanilla 1000
# HQ
Sorcerer: level 2, spell familiar, force sword, burning brand, melta bombs - 135

# Troops
5 Marines: plasma gun, melta bombs - 95
Rhino: dozer blade - 40

5 Marines: plasma gun, melta bombs - 95
Rhino: dozer blade - 40

# Fast Attack
3 Bikes: 2 melta guns, bolt pistols, ccws, melta bombs - 95

3 Bikes: 2 melta guns, bolt pistols, ccws, melta bombs - 95

# Heavy Support
Maulerfiend: lasher tendrils - 135

Sicaran - 135

Predator: lascannons - 135
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