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Originally Posted by otasolgryn View Post
i also notice that the 2 factions who REALLY REALLY need an update/change/brutal beating aint there. Eldar and Tau.

New codex to them please.
And if/when they get and update my bet is Tau get a clamshell or two at most and are largely instead a rules update. IF Eldar get plastics they'll probably be jetbikes OR SOME aspect warriors.

The list only goes to Jun anyways. It's early Feb right now. We still have time to see them updated. In the mean time they need to adapt to being able to handle the improved durability of Necrons because a lot of the old tricks don't work. Necrons may not be the best at dishing out huge numbers of wounds or shots compared to a lot of armies, but they can sure as hell take them and that is an advantage people will need to work around.

Who knows, maybe Grey Knights will start taking Psylencers seriously just because they have Force.
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