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Azrael: You rocket up after Veptus and Xandrek as you see the form of Corax cutting his way through the Word Bearers on the ground before launching himself into the air obviously heading towards Lorgar but it fate it seems has placed Veptus and Xandrek in the way, with Tenth Claw shortly joining them however a rag-tag squad of destroys is little match for the Primarch of the Raven Guard as within moments of them appearing three of them are tumbling through the air dead with their chests torn up and limbs removed by swings of Corax's lightning claws. Pushing yourself to the limit you manage to impose yourself between Veptus and Corax but like Tenth Claw it is futile as an almost casual backhand sends you sailing back towards the ground giving you the perfect view of your own chins and feet go sailing off in the opposite direction away from you leaving trails of red through the air before you slam into the ground almost entirely helpless within the Word Bearer lines.

Through all of the pain of your injuries though you are able to push yourself up with your remaining arm to see Veptus and Xandrek fall to the ground aswell deeper in the Word Bearer lines to the west of an almost heart-breakingly handsome, kind yet stern faced Demi-God as he rushes forwards to meet his brother in combat to save his sons from the wrath of betrayal and you might be relieved to see the remaining members of Tenth Claw land in the location of Veptus and Xandrek. As Word Bearers around you continue to stream down towards the main source of the fighting you see a blood-covered midnight blue form stand above you bearing the white shoulder pad and helix insignia of the Apocatherion stand above you before crouching down to examine your wounds and looking over the apocathery you can see that is infact one of Veptus's apprentices: Xheng who begins to stem the blood flow from your wounds while injecting you with a potent cocktail of chemicals to keep you from passing out as he then hooks his arm under your half-missing arm and hauls you up so the stumps of your legs dangle down as he hands you a bolt pistol. "Come brother-Champion, we need to get towards the captain as I had no desire to anger Lord Veptus, if it gets within three meters of us and does not stand in Midnight Clad. Shoot it."

Veptus: You receive both warning shouts from Azrael and Pelegon (perhaps even Serhiy aswell) and hear the shouts of dying Word Bearers behind you, and you think also the curses of Tenth Claw over the vox aswell as something is killing Astartes quicker than even the World Eaters and as your attention fully focuses on what is being said you know what it is that is carving its path along the ground before launching into the air behind you, the Raven Lord, Primarch of the Nineteenth Legion: Corvus Corax and while you gun your jump pack into full power you are able to feel Xandrek shift on your shoulder obviously watching the Shadow of Death come hurtling towards you both and you are able to turn your head just enough to see Azrael appear in the sky between yourself and the Raven Lord and quicker than you can blink see the legless (below the knee's) Champion of forth go tumbling from the sky to crash to crash onto a group of Word Bearers below. If Azrael somehow survives this battle then he is going to need extensive surgery.

Once again you feel Xandrek shift on your back as he manages to force his arms around to grab ahold of your jump pack and simply tear the fuel lines our deactivating it and send the both of you plummeting towards the ground and you should be thankful for the Captain doing so as if you hadn't then you would of suffered alot worse or possible died as you feel the bite of lightning claws shear through your armour behind your right shoulder biting around three inches into your flesh as Corax barely 'slaps' you with his Lightning claw. Angling yourself into falling position to reduce impact damage you slam into the ground and roll with Xandrek coming lose and rolling aswell slamming into a Word Bearer sergeant knocking him to the ground and staying there though your auto-senses can hear Xandrek's muffled cursing through his helmet as he shouts. Biting through the pain you are able to force yourself to your feet as your armours own pain killers depress into your system and you can now move to Xandrek to deal with him as the remains of Tenth Claw land around him, and from your position you are able to witness one of the most brutal fights between Primarchs in the entire of the Heresy.

Pelegon: The servitors stand there like slack-jawed idiots with gritty drool running from between their teeth and vacant expressions on their faces and somehow their bionic eyes, giving you a time to give a sigh of relief before as one their vox-altered voices ring out. "Input accepted, Targeting Iron Warrior, Night Lord, Word Bearer and Alpha Legion Legionaries". Their heavy bolters then snapping up to face you and those other night lord legionaries who were now streaming into the small gully to aid in bringing down the Raven Guard and soon a stream of heavy caliber bolt rounds is zipping your way only to ping and ricocheted off the terminator armoured forms of Second Claw who have managed to catch up as their sergeant turns his head to you. "Leave these half-men and walking-corpse to us, Brother Pelegon. Captain Kealisar is injured and as a member of First Claw it is your job to project him." With that the terminators begin to stomp their way up the hill towards the servitors and the Dreadnought with their own bolters answering in kind.

You are now free to disengage and head towards the Word Bearer lines that are now finally joining the fight as you catch glimpses of Azrael, Veptus and Xandrek in the air but you then notice a flicker of movement, a great black form that seems to absorb all light moving like a shadow on the wind towards the Word Bearer lines, following the path of Veptus. You focus on it and see the mighty yet slender form of the 19th Legions Progenitor, the Raven Lord, Corvus Corax and if you do not do something then your current captain, his apocathery and the champion are as good as dead but with no jump pack all you are able to do is charge back through friendly lines and try to vox a warning to Veptus or Azrael to warn them of the incoming threat. (Feel free to hammer your way through the Word Bearers and other Night Lords if you wish to get to Xandrek, or avoid them if you don't want to earn the attention of Corax.)

Serhiy: Tenth Claw stops and look at their sergeant for a moment, you included before you then hear the vox tune in and the voice of Veptus some shouting through: " “All available units in service to the Lord of Lies will converge on my position or I swear by our Father you will die a most slow and horrific death.” This causes the squad to stop allowing the crackle of chemical fire and the dying screams and whimpers of the guardsmen to carry on before Phalx turns to look at his squad and you aswell. "We are heading back to Veptus and Xandrek, I would rather not get on the Corpse-Masters bad side for without him none of us would be able to return to battle in the states our bodies are currently degrading." With that the sergeant motions for you to follow and him and his squad set off into the air leaving several chemical grenades as parting gifts for the humans. Following Phalx and the first of Tenth Claw you see what appears to be Veptus taking off from a gully that is now being surrounded by members of Fourth Company as they engage a survivors of the Raven Guard however as you fly through the air at the front of the squad with Phalx you hear the screams and curses of the rest of Tenth Claw and see the anger filled features of none other than the Raven Lord himself.

Spiraling away from the back of the group you see the shattered and bloody limbs of four members of Tenth Claw crash into the ground and remain still as Phalx and the remaining members do their best to get out of the way of Corax with Phalx himself being relieved of both of his legs below the knee's and yourself only managing to get out of the way of Corax's claw as it smashes through your jump pack sending you hurling towards the ground and the lines of the Word Bearers who are now finally deciding to join the fight. As the ground rushes to meet you, you see Corax almost catching up with Veptus, Xandrek and Azrael and some way infront of them, the Urizen, Lorgar.

Kesh: As your hand moves towards the banner of hear the voice of Fourth Companies Primus Medicae, Veptus the Corpse-Master, call out for all members of fourth company to converge on his position as the Captain is down and if you do not then you will find out just exactly how and why he earned his title. You can either decide to take the banner and become a magnet of anger for all the Raven Guard still alive which could slow you down considerably or you can leave it and begin to head off in the direction of where it is that Veptus has signaled for Fourth Company to converge. Surely if you help save the Captain of Fourth then you might be able to earn a place within the vaunted ranks of the First Claw answering directly to Captain Xandrek Kealisar the Lord of Lies, who in turn only answers to the First Captain and the Primarch himself. (If you take the banner you encounter 4 Raven Guard assault marines who try to take it from you, if you do not then only a single Devastator Sergeant.)

Leaving the site of your previous battle you manage to make your way to where Veptus has signaled for Fourth Company to converge and see the Apocathery himself activating his jump pack carrying the limp form of what must be Xandrek with him followed by a heavily injured company champion. Reaching the gully you see that a squad of Terminators is currently engaging a group of heavy bolter armoured servitors and a Contemptor Dreadnought while oddly there is also an Iron Warrior setting off in the direction of which the Apocathery was headed. What do you do when you reach the gully, do you stay to fight the Dreadnought with the terminators or do you carry on towards the captain?

Corvis: You remain in the gully as the other members of First Claw begin to leave to follow Veptus and Xandrek with Azrael being the first to leave as you continue to fire into the servitors taking our three of them before heavy caliber rounds come streaming your way along with the dreadnought stomping his way to you as his power-fists swing left and right smashing Night Lords to a pulp when they get to close as he closes on you. As you begin to fire at the Dreadnought with your plasma pistol, weakening some of its armoured hull with near continuous shots from your pistol you hear the whine and then deep thudding noises of auto-cannon shells come screaming through the air to impact heavily on the Contemptor staggering it and you turn your head slightly to see the ten members of Second Claw in their Terminator Armour come stomping through the gully with power fists flexing and chain-fists revving as their bolters begin to reduce the servitors to ruined sacks of flesh and bionics.

Now that Second Claw has arrived to deal with the Dreadnought and the Servitors you now have a chance to leave and follow after Veptus and the others but you see the form of the Raven Lord go hurling through the air after them deeper into Word Bearer lines as he then lands and begins to carve his way through Lorgar's legion before taking to the skies again, should you leave the gully you see three members of Tenth Claw die almost instantly as they are ripped apart by Corax and Azrael fares little better as both of his legs are removed by an almost casual back-handed slap from the 19th's Primarchs lightning claw as he goes crashing into the ground shortly followed by Veptus and Xandrek as Corax continues to head towards Lorgar. Now that Veptus and Xandrek have landed, sort of, you can either head to them to protect the captain or you can go to Azrael to see if the Champion is still alive, though you catch sight of Apocathery Xheng heading in his direction.

Tyberus: NPC until you pm me.

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