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Originally Posted by ItsPug View Post
Firefly is the big one though. I wonder who made that decision.
That would be Geil Berman, former president of Fox Network. He had this to say about it:

Originally Posted by Geil Berman
“If I had to do it over again, I might have reconsidered it but I’m not sure it would have changed anything,” she said. “It was a numbers things. It was a wonderful show and I loved it and I loved working with him on it but that was a big show, a very expensive show and it wasn’t delivering the numbers.”
- Link at Nerdapproved

In short, for all the fandom it had, people sucked ass at supporting it when it was actually on the air. However, it's much easier to say it was the holy chocolate jesus of television after it is cancelled.

Sorry if I sound bitter, but I was one of the guys who saw it on television along with the 5 others. Once it got pulled and the internet absolutely exploded, all I could think was "Where were all you fuckers when it actually mattered?"

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