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Corvis had never seen so many Astartes gathered together on one planet. Tens of thousands of “brother” marines from over a dozen different Legions gathered here on Isstvan. Yet by the time this planet was abandoned, it would be synonymous with the crippling of three Legions of the False Emperor. Corvis relished the thought as he saw the beginning the Raven Guard lines coming up the hill expecting relief. What they would find though is only spitting death from their supposed relief. Gathered together with the rest of First Claw at the top of the hill behind the lines of Night Lords awaiting the word to fire, Corvis seethed in anticipation the closer the Raven Guard came towards them. Not even a century old and yet even Corvis could tell the impact of this Massacre would have; this was a game-changer in the great scale of the Imperium. From here the Primarch would take revenge against the False Emperor and Corvis would follow in his wake. “Where is that flare?” his inner voice seethed. Anxiously, Corvis looked towards the sky and awaited the signal that would usher a sound Corvis could never have anticipated.

Like a warped sun, the sickly radiance of the flare shot from Horus’s bastion showered the battlefield in its malevolent glow. Focused on the flare, Corvis did not see which Night Lords opened fire first but what happened next practically rocked the Young Blood to his knees. Thanks to the stabilizers in his armor there was no need to worry, but the ringing of thousands of Astartes weapons kicking off nearly overwhelmed Corvis’ senses. As rows of Night Lords fired mercilessly into the ranks of the XIX legion, the Young Blood felt a deep desire to join them; to look into their own pitch black eyes and see their look of betrayal. The sight of Xandrek, Azrael, Var, and other of First Claw along with an Iron Warrior leaping skywards to press the attack stirred the Young Blood’s memory. This was not his place in the battlefield, stretching his arms to get the feel of the jumpack Corvis braced himself before activating the device and racing upwards towards the lines of the Raven Guard.

Some Terran Night Lords and even Nostramo born might have felt pity for these soon to be dead Legionaries. Many had probably fought together on more than one occasion on some distant planet in the name of the humanity and the False Emperor. Some of these veterans may ask for forgiveness never to be received or simply fall back on the training of the Astartes, but Corvis had no such qualms. Coming from some of the last waves of recruits accepted into the ranks of the VIII Legion, Corvis had been raised among killers and learned well. He felt no remorse for these wretches as he arced through the sky downwards towards the impending murder that sang to him. This was where three Legions would be crippled; this was where Corvis’ legacy would begin.

Slamming into ground, the stabilizers absorbing the shock of the landing, Corvis could already see Xandrek and his champion wading into the thick of the fighting. Corvis allowed them only a cursory glance before he sought out his first victims. It took only a second to find it. Sheltering next to a wounded Rhino Transport were two Raven Guard Astartes, one already heaving to one side with plasma burns scorching his armor, guarding a Tech-Marine desperately trying to appeal to the Machine Spirit of the vehicle to return to life and whisk the survivors to safety. “As fitting a start as any” Corvis said with a murderous smile flexing his lightning claw. At a dead sprint it would only take a matter of seconds to reach their position but that would allow them to get a bead on him and fire. Taking advantage of the jump-pack, Corvis let out a short burst and braced for landing.

With an audible crunch leaving imprints on the metal, the Young Blood crashed onto the top of the Rhino. In a fluid motion Corvis drew his plasma pistol and obeyed his cardinal rule: always kill the strongest first. With the tech-marine too focused on repairing the damage to the engines and the wounded Raven Guard too sluggish to properly bring his weapon to bear, that left only the one unwounded Astartes to deal with first. Before either Raven Guards could bring their bolters to aim on Corvis, the Young Blood squeezed the trigger and enjoyed seeing the Raven Guard’s helmet and head disappear in the bright plasma flash. Jumping down from the Rhino and holstering his plasma pistol, Corvis immediately addressed the injured battle-brother with a swift hook that disoriented the Astartes long enough for the Young Blood to grab the Raven Guard with his free hand. Distracted, the poor fool did not even have time to see Corvis drive the talons of his lightning claw into the exposed armor from the previous wound. Searing the flesh and eviscerating the internal organs of the Astartes, Corvis held him in an almost embrace until he saw the life fade from the XIX Legionnaire. That left only the tech-marine to deal with, and he was only now just realizing the doom that was upon them. Corvis flung the dead Raven Guard onto his brother and wasted no time. Before the tech-marine could rise the Young Blood gave him a nasty kick to the head and planted his foot on the Legionnaires chest. Gripping the mechadendrite on the back of the Astartes, Corvis sheared through it and held it before the Raven Guard’s eyes before tossing it like it was garbage. Like the killer that he was, Corvis stepped back from the Astartes enough to draw his plasma pistol again and finished the tech-marine, his last hope dashed in a matter of seconds.

The Young Blood stopped to catch his breath long enough to take in the scenery now that he had a free moment. All around chaos ruled as shells from both sides now filled the air. Tracer fire seemed almost to dance from the firing lines of the four Legions now decimating their former comrades. Searching for his captain, Corvis finally spotted him addressing his champion just as the Apothecary Veptus landed. Even from a distance there was something to Xandrek that spoke a seething fury. The Young Blood made a point of finding out what had transpired after the battle. Corvis moved through the press of dead bodies of the XIX Legion as he made his way to his captain. The vox channel was a cacophony of different battle brothers experiencing the Massacre in their own way. It was hard to believe that any Raven Guard, Salamander, or Iron Hand could survive this day, even their respective Primarchs. It was almost a shock then when an iron grip wrapped around Corvis’ leg. “Betrayer” voiced a half-dead Raven Guard, bolter rounds having ripped apart his armor and flesh, looking at the Young Blood with nothing but hatred that before was reserved for the Alien and the Malcontent. “Gladly” was the only reply he heard before Corvis reached down, gripped the helmet of the Astartes, and drove his talons into the opening between the helm and the chest armor. Drawing the now freshly red talons from the corpse, Corvis stood and paid the slain Raven Guard no more notice as he tried reaching First Claw.

As he trekked up the hill trying to reach his captain, Corvis spotted a squad of three Raven Guard marines and one of their Sergeants pinned down exchanging fire with a squad of Night Lords slowly pushing in on their position. Though he had no true loyalty with his fellow brothers yet, more akin to an Iron Warrior in that regard, Corvis did relish the opportunity to slay these wretches who resemble Nostramans but could never stomach what Night Lords went through to ascend to earn their battle armor. Deciding to be a charitable soul, Corvis activated his jump-pack once again and leapt into the air, aiming for these doomed fools like he was the Angel of Death personified.

Before he landed however, Corvis decided against just landing amidst them and tearing them to pieces. Half-way through the air, the Young Blood drew one of his Frag Grenades and pulled the pin seconds before landing on the opposite lip of the crater that the Raven Guards held. Laughing inside his helmet, Corvis lobbed the grenade into the middle of their positon and quickly knelt down facing away from the explosion. A loud thump followed by the death cry of at least one of them signaled that now it was time to wade in and finish them off. Jumping into the crater, Corvis maliciously grinned seeing the Astartes disoriented with one in fact dead with his armor blasted apart and his gun a wrecked ruin. Corvis blasted one of the remaining three marines square in the chest with superheated plasma, sending him rocking back to the ground. With a savage swipe, Corvis raked his Lightning Claw across the exposed face of the Raven Guard Sergeant as he was about to draw his chainsword. Against bare flesh the Lightning Claw tore through and seared the Sergeant before killing him, leaving great gouges where the talons ripped through his face. Before Corvis could savor the kill of an Astartes who looked twice his age, the Young Blood was rocked forwards by a bolter round to his shoulder armor. Whipping around and crouching down, Corvis immediately emptied the remainder of his clip into the one remaining Raven Guard, angry more with himself for letting his mind wander before his prey were dead. “Primus and Secundus will definitely be busy upon my return.” Corvis mused as he climbed out of the crater to view the squad of Night Lords walking towards him. “Hail, Brother” the lead Night Lord spoke as he casually made his way through the carnage. “What Claw are you with?” He asked. “First Talon, Fourth Company” Corvis said, only half interested in conversing now that more killing was called for. “Reports say Lord Xandrek has already pressed deeper into the XIX Legion and is fighting that way as we speak” He stated, pointing in the distance where Xandrek fought. Corvis nodded his head in acknowledgement, “My thanks, brother” the Young Blood said, half-sincere. Before taking off for his captain though, Corvis had a trophy to collect. Jumping back down into the crater, Corvis found the slain Sergeant and with his bare talons severed the marine’s head, being careful to preserve the studs above his eyebrow indicating his rank.
“All available units in service to the Lord of Lies will converge on my position or I swear by our Father you will die a most slow and horrific death.” Veptus hissed down the vox.

Corvis swallowed hard at the sound of the Apothecaries voice over the vox. The Young Blood knew enough of the Corpse-Master to know that he made no idle threats. To disregard Veptus and have him visit his wrath made the idea of a dreadnaught’s shell seem appealing. Without a second thought, Corvis kicked whatever life was still in his jump-pack into gear and gunned it to where First Claw was reported to be.

It was a grim and confusing sight that Corvis took in when he landed. Xandrek lay unconscious on the ground, Azrael was missing an arm, a Raven Guard Dreadnaught was spraying First Claw with suppressive fire, and to top it off a tech-marine with a cadre of servitors opening up with heavy weapons. Still, Tyberus, Veptus, and even the Iron Warrior along with others from First Claw converged on Xandrek’s position. Before being spotted, Corvis immediately began opening up on the servitors below the hill, desperately trying to draw their fire before they found their mark in someone from First Claw.
“First Claw, keep the Dreadnought busy. Xandrek’s armour is shot, he can’t stay here. As soon as we are clear, retreat. We’re done here.” Veptus’ voice echoed over the vox as he began lifting the fallen captain up to whisk him to safety.

Corvis was unsure about this order. Xandrek’s folly, whatever it was, had laid him low. “This is not the Ultramarines Legion and we most definitely are not the sons of Dorn either” Corvis thought in the back of his mind. “We are Night Lords”, if one of our own makes a folly that costs them dear, they pay the price. It is not common place to make a stand to defend a fallen comrade. Still, this was Xandrek, and one way or another Corvis knew his fate was tied to his commander.

“Veptus, this is Corvis, we’ll have you covered. “ Corvis said plainly into the vox. Drawing his plasma pistol, the Young Blood took aim down the hill at the servitors. Watching the Iron Warrior Pelegon wade into their midst and engage the tech-marine hand to hand, Corvis continued firing plasma shots at the servitors even after he delivered the death blow to the tech-marines head. Glancing to his side Corvis could see that the Dreadnaught was closing in on First Claw’s position, hoping to finish off the captain of 4th company. Knowing it was stupid to try and fight against a dreadnaught with naught but a plasma pistol, Corvis nonetheless started taking shots at the dreadnaughts hull hoping to distract it. “And maybe see about getting Lord Xandrek out of here before 4th company needs a new commander and First Claw” Corvis said, half-joking half-taking-cover-from-incoming rounds.

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