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Originally Posted by Shadow's Fury View Post
True, but as part of a decurion detachment, don't you need to get three units of destroyers and a destroyer lord? That will take the price way over that of deathmarks
True, but I wouldnt have chosen the Deathbringer flight, or the Annihilation Nexus

My list would be
Reclamation Legion: (809)
Overlord - Warscythe
Immortals - 5, Tesla
Warriors - 10,
Transport - Night Scythe
Warriors - 10,
Transport - Night Scythe
Tomb Blades - 6 Particle Beamers, Nebuloscopes

Destroyer Cult: (690)
Destroyer Lord - Warscythe
Destroyers - 4
Destroyers - 5
Destroyers - 5

Night Scythes provide the same anti air ability as the Deathbringer Flight, but add more mobility to the troop squads, Immortals would start in reserve and walk on to hold the home objective. Destroyer lord joins the Tomb blades for some CC punch and preferred enemy, with 6 blast weaposn and ignores cover they'll handle light infantry in cover and hordes, destroyers handle 3+ armour saves. Vehicles are brought down by gauss inflicted glancing hits, even a land raider will take 2.2 HP from a 10 man warrior squad rapid firing.

Overall Tournament Game Results W:78 D:22 L:32
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