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At the words of the Luna Wolves Captain, Sebastian's heart briefly soared. There was hope, order. At the very least some semblance of a plan instead of the chaotic running skirmishes he had been falling into since the bombardment. There was word of his Brothers also. Those at the Palace fought on, not succumbing to the World Eaters assault that had so nearly claimed his own life. Then he looked over at the dour Death Guard Legionary with the autocannon.

"We can't reach the Palace." he said, pain obvious in his tone.

"Agreed. The XIV must make its stand here, in the trenches, and at the wall."

Sebastian's head bowed but he was focussing on the newly returned icons within his helm. The Death Guard may be willing to concede and go quietly into the night, but he had not fought through hell just to give up now.

"No." he began, he voice manifesting as a low growl through his vox grill. "There has to be a way. Those are my brothers at the Palace." He looked over at Darius taking in the abrupt stump that was all of one of his arms and slowly shook his head, then turned towards the Apothecary. "You said you were still part of a larger formation. I would speak with your Commanding Officer."

Turning away he returned to scanning the icons within his helmet and was relieved to find a familiar one. "Decurion Locolus. Tiberius, are you there? Can you hear me? It's Aurellian. What's your status?"
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