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Default Survival Horror RP - Any takers?

Having recently finished cacking myself over Alien Isolation and noticing that the RP section seems to be moving down a more slow moving contemplative route, I was wondering if I could muster up any interest for a survival horror RP.

The setting would likely be set in the lower levels of some Hive city, set in 30/40k (perhaps some of the unknown horrors of the Great Crusade would work better than the known baddies of the 40k setting). I would name an antagonist because a) this is just an interest thread so such a thing is not fixed yet and b) what you don't know is creepier I think. You would take on the roles of random Johns/Janes trying to survive and perhaps work out what the hell is going on. Some might have combat experience, others won't. The chief aspect would be character interaction and trying to survive, not combat. High probability of fatality if you are silly, although people could rejoin as different characters.

So, what do people think?

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