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Default Interest Check- Dragon Age RP

Just an Interest check for a Dragon Age RP based possibly during or post Inquisition.

I figure it will be based around a group gathering up to form a Merc company or for an expedition of some sort. To take advantage of opportunities that arise during the chaos of the war.

I still need to figure out a plot, but leave it open enough for some fun.

It will be story based like a lot of the other RPs out there, since rule based ones are difficult for GMs to run (meaning me).

Just want to get an idea if anyone will be interested. Characters and classes will not be limited to what is in inquisition, and may be from any one of the games or a variation there-of.

Races will be Human, Dwarf, Elf, Qunari(Tal-Vashoth), or with good reason and explanation a Golem.

Let me know. As of right now story is still in development.

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