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Amon waited patiently for the Crimson King and the Siege Master, he was out of his armour now and wore a pair of training trousers and was bare topped. As the Crimson King had directed and, as he had done before in these sessions, he was laid out on a bed, he had cleared his mind of all and any distractions and his breathing was even, he had learnt somethings from the Thousand Sons, one of them being how to clear his mind and attain inner peace, thus making it easier for the Crimson King to do what must be done.

He didn't move, even when Magnus and Perturabo entered the room. The smell of incense was not too heavy but just enough to induce an air of relaxation and calm. He closed his eyes, picturing his homeland on Terra, when he was but a normal child. A woman with dark hair and olive skin beckoned him, he was a child then, and this memory more often than not seemed to appear when he was relaxing himself. The woman he was certain had been his mother, dead now for over two hundred years.

He even thought he could smell the stew she would always cook for him, He felt a hand brush his forehead and the image of his mother faded to be replaced by a scene of sun and sea. A calming image. Before him appeared Magnus, not in the crippled state that he was now, but as he had been. A giant of a man, his crimson mane tied into a long ponytail, a sceptre in his hand that was almost as tall as he was.

He joined Amon and sat beside him. They were always here, by the sea, on a beach in a land long gone from the world he knew.

“How do you feel Amon? Relaxed?” Magnus asked.

“Yes Lord, I – I saw my mother again”

“You are sure she is your mother?”

“Yes” Amon almost whispered “I am sure.”

“Good” Magnus seemed satisfied with that answer “We shall sit here for a while, it seems that it was here Malcador started his journey. Do you know this land?”

“I can't say I do Lord. Although I think it was a disputed land, the aura here is one of long held wars and battles.”

“I have been here, I came here with the Emperor when we were reunited, he believed I might have something in common with the ancient Kings that ruled one of the adjoining kingdoms. It was called Ishrael. A state more than a country to be honest but a powerful one in its latter years, and a land that the ancient religions would fight over.”

“Why would Malcador start here?”

Magnus smiled a little cryptically “That my friend is what we will find out. Now when you are ready I shall begin, if this harms you in anyway, if you feel a headache beginning or should blood come from your nose or ears, even your eyes then I will stop and we will begin again when you are able. Remember Amon, this cannot be done quickly, Malcador placed many tales around the information we require as a safety net and I would rather we take it slow and steady.”

“As you wish My Lord” Amon looked out to sea and watched the children play, they didn't even see the two giants sitting amongst them, it was as if they were invisible. “When you are ready My Lord, I am ready.”

Magnus nodded and began.....
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