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Default X-Wing Squad Archetypes

Hey guys, just a quick list of popular and effective builds!


Arc Dodger - Anything with significant post-dial movement, which allows it to react to enemy positioning with Boosts or Barrel Rolls or both.
EPT - Elite Pilot Talent
PS - Pilot Skill
HPs - Hit Points (Hull + Shield)
Joust - Where two or more ships fly directly at each other, exchanging fire, from range 3 down to range 1, before turning/breaking and starting to dogfight.

TIE Swarm

6-8 TIE Fighters, most frequently run with Howlrunner and flown in close formation to allow most/all of the TIEs to benefit from the attack reroll she provides. "Mini-Swarms" are often taken to accompany other choices - 4 TIEs with or without Howlrunner. I personally enjoy running that with Echo or a Bounty Hunter.

Strong vs Large Ships, Aces

Weak vs Arc Dodgers, Area effects (Ruthlessness, Ion Missiles etc)

A-Wing/Z-95 Swarm

The Rebel take on the swarm list, it runs as many 15pt A-Wings as it can, sometimes spending points on Proton Rockets or Missiles, or a couple of Green Squadrons for EPTs. The Z-Varient tends to just hock as many ships as possible out there. Generally speaking the Rebels will be a little tougher than the TIE version, but without the benefit of the mass rerolling that Howlrunner allows, and therefore slightly worse offensively speaking.

Strong vs Large Ships, Aces

Weak vs Arc Dodgers, Area effects (Ruthlessness, Ion Missiles etc)

Decimator + Phantom

Most often seen combo is Chiraneau with Whisper, with some combination of crew and upgrades. The Phantom does the heavy damage while the Decimator sucks up the hits, staying alive long enough to whittle down the enemy list to the point where Whisper can take it on by herself. The two component parts of the list are also vulnerable to very different things, meaning they cover each others weaknesses well.

Decimator: Strong vs Aces, Large Ships. Weak vs Hordes, anything that deals criticals.

Phantom: Strong vs Hordes, anything without a Turret. Weak vs High-PS Aces, High PS Turrets.

Fat Han

Han Solo with C-3PO, Falcon Title, often R2D2, an EPT and Engine Mod. Normally run with Z-95 Wingmen to provide cheap ablative HPs. Shoots like a bastard with all the rerolls in the world, and survives like a bastard with 2 or more evade tokens every turn thanks to 3PO and the Title. Not a list to play with any regularity if you enjoy having friends.

Strong vs Most things, tbh. Especially Phantoms.

Weak vs Swarms? I think? You need a good Alpha strike on the Falcon, so ultimately it comes down to pilot skill - whether you manage your movement well enough to get the heavy hits on it early.

Imperial Aces

Soontir Fel, normally run with a Stealth Device, Push the Limit and a Hull/Shield Mod with 2 equally arc-dodgy wingmen, notables include Turr Phennir, Carnor Jax and Phantoms.

Strong vs Other small ships, especially less maneuverable ones like X-Wings, Bombers etc.

Weak vs Turrets, anything that can reliably inflict stress or Ion.

Rebel Aces

Can be run a few ways, most commonly Wedge Antilles, Biggs Darklighter, and 2 other ships. Biggs keeps the formation alive through (hopefully) 2 full turns of shooting, which is enough for the damaging parts of the formation to inflict enough ship-advantage kills to give you the game.

Strong vs Small Ship builds, most Large Ships

Weak vs Arc Dodgers, can have a hard time vs Swarms


4 B-Wings with Advanced Sensors, which allows them to perform an action (Barrel Rolling) before pulling stress inducing maneuvers (like a hard 1 or 2-K turn) which makes them exceptionally efficient dogfighters for their points. 32HP across the squadron is also pretty hard to take down.

Strong vs Anything that tries to joust with them, barring 8 TIEs. Do not joust with this, ever.

Weak vs Stress inducing mechanics, anything that rolls more green dice than them that can reliably stay at range 3.

Double Falcon/Double Dash/Falcon+Dash

Two large ships, generally speaking one is the Outrider with Dash as a Pilot and a Heavy Laser Cannon, allowing it to ignore Asteroids as it cruises around the table trying to stay at Range 3 from everything. The Falcon runs interference, preventing anyone from getting inside the Range 1 band where the Outrider cannot fire.

Strong vs Slower ships, Arc Dodgers

Weak vs a hard Alpha strike that takes out one ship early on, a few lists are capable of this, so it comes down to pilot ability.

Rule of Thumb

X-Wing currently has a fairly set Rock/Paper/Scissors environment going on at the moment, which looks like this:

Turrets > Arc Dodgers
Arc Dodgers > Swarms
Swarms > Turrets

It's not a hard and fast rule, obviously a lot comes down to individual skill etc, but that's the general guideline. If you're having difficulty against a certain type of ship or list, trying its counter can be worthwhile.

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