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Originally Posted by CLT40k View Post
so much awesome here... I'd love to see more pics of the dreadknight conversion...
I'll see what I can do, that poor model has taken a bit of a beating and needs some TLC to get photoworthy again. I haven't played with my GK since the codex dropped on account of my finding terminators versus terminators very boring and most of my friends around playing Deathwing last year, but perhaps the time will come soon to resurrect that army... after I've got to my Guard objective!

Originally Posted by Nordicus View Post
I didn't notice you finished the flyer - My god that looks magnificent. I tip my hat to you sir!
Thanks mate! I'm standing on the shoulders of giants to get most of the nice bits of that done, but it was really good to get a break from the greys and blacks of my guard with something completely different. I'm going to alternate between boxes of guard and other projects for a while so that I can do a little more of this sort of thing whilst still drawing down on my list of guard to collect and paint.

Having said that, the box I'm working on now is a Hammer of Cadia set, so we'll see how I go with that plan!


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