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Default Trick #12

There is no reason for what happens. Life is made up of days like these among others.
(from John Wick)

B L A S P H E L E G I O U S #2
The Deliver Betrayer

And he said unto them,
I beheld the Chaos as lightning
fall from heaven.

After a long period of duty paid in the Imperial Guard extra-planetary an entire contingent of the 6th Mordian was partially deployed on the planet A-hira5 and partly discharged. The intent was to renew the ranks. Leaving that veterans should rest and then were possibly deployed and then at a later time if necessary or if they wished they could return to be part of the Imperial Guards staff.
The planet is located in a defined area safe, albeit next to Eye ... Moreover, recent events have me thinking to a principle of Chaoss infection" in some areas of the planet.
Guardsmen re-deployed was divided in teams, small groups or pairs were sorted into outposts or stations of the surface, of course, after a period of adequate rest.
The Guardsmen who have requested the deployment will have the opportunity to choose activities and organizational advisory or on the field.

The Lieutenant Yud Arioth and peers Symo Kaayan with with six other guardsmen were deployed at the base of Thyberillias.
Immediately the group was reunited with the rest of the workforce in the hall for a speech of the chief of the station, the Lord Commander Senior Heriod Typatron, who added to his staff welcome for new arrivals a short briefing on ongoing operations and those that are being implementation.

Then personally met each member of the veterans of the 6th Mordian as well as to know them to ask what use they preferred and thus handed them adequate labor employment.
Six guardsmen asked a consulting engagement for training and the activities of the security personnel, the two lieutenant demanded an operational deployment in the field.
Yud Symo and therefore were assigned to the 2nd Sentinels of Capharna, and sent to meet the Colonel General Petrum Ionax.
Received the assignment aboard of a Thunderhawk reached quickly Capaharna where presented themselves with other comrades to Colonel Petrum.
A man from the shaggy beard and black, leaning on a stick titanium shining. He, too, like Herod welcomed newcomers into a lobby. Beside him was a boy, a little less than eighteen years old. Was not present but everyone knew he was Zja ensign of the regiment and first collaborator of Petrum.
Yud possessed psychic powers, was a little more than a sensitive, but found that their minds were patrolled ... turned to saying in a low voice:
I may be wrong but that guy is one psyker of the highest rank!

Before being reinstated in active service were subjected to medical examinations to verify that the physiological parameters were regular, cause they were not fighting for a long time on a planetary surface, so they had a physical training for return to fight ar the soil, then underwent a brief training to combat with the gravity on the ground and in a urban location.

The 2nd Sentinels was composed of twelve officers and seventy-two guardsmen. Twice a day the twelve came together, for the first time in the morning for the daily programming and a second time before dinner to give an opinion about the work of the Company. All they had to say their opinion, but could not ask questions.
It was on that occasion that he could hear the voice of Yud Zja: young though the tone of his speech was low, deep. He had a wild certain melody, almost hypnotized, flattered, sweet and mellow at the same time. This increased the conviction of Yud that the boy had a huge psyker talent.

After some day, at the end of check up and the new training Yud and Symo resulted ready and were sent into the field for the first mission: patrolling the city of Tyro in search of cultists, dangerous heretics destabilizers.

The night before departure Symo confided to Yud:
Since our arrival in Thyberillias I had the feeling of being watched, scrutinized ... you who have psychic abilities you have not seen?
Well no ... but on reflection indeed something I had heard but ...
I think your skills was inhibited! We were chosen by Zja who along with Petrum was Thyberillias, hidden somewhere we observed.
Right! Petrum must have some skills of the Pariah: inhibits the psychic skills of the "opponents" and hides the presence of Zja
This means that we are not here by chance ... we have been chosen!

She went home
and found her child lying on the bed,
and the demon gone.

Just before dawn the 2nd Sentinels aboard a roaring Thuderhawk traspostato was not far from the city of Tyro where they carried out a patrol from house to house in one of the suburbs to flush out some rioters cultists.
Quartered in a square were about to begin their inspection when they got some citizens to show them where there were riots made by suspects: surely cultists!
The road was wide the guardsmen are arranged on the sides advancing cautiously toward abitazini indicated. Up above a roof Petrum and Zja were monitoring the situation as of snipers.
They heard a whistle loud and prolonged, Petrum gave one order:
Take cover!
Machine gun and bolter began firing toward the 2nd Sentinels.
From his privileged position Petrum, with the help of Zja, drove the guardsmen when and where move, what to aim and the right monent to return fire.
They advanced to the main entrance of a large building, opened it they waited, as ordered, the arrival of Perum and Zja.
Beyond of an arcade there was a huge concrete yard, gray and bare. The sounds of machine gun you left off.
Petrum stopped leaving Zja only proceed with his head bare, his arms raised and palms out.
They heard a high-pitched crying, a woman ran toward Zja and knees pulled up in front of the guy who whispered something and the woman seemed to lose consciousness, would fall if Zja had not supported then laying her on the ground.
Made this Zja turned and went back to Petrum, came to him in a firm voice, with an audible tone down but said:
All is done! Go beck.
Petrum heard it told the guardsmen: The demon is defeated! We can leave the rest of the work to local security forces.

The 2nd Sentinels remained in Tyro for other days doing patrols without anyone else striking fact occur.

How long shall I stay with you?
How long shall I put up with you?
Bring the boy to me."

The second mission was directed to Philip Cesarax, more specifically in a farm grouping in the southern outskirts, where there had been riots and incidents between citizens impatient.
A regiment of PDF had surrounded a farm grouping, a hundred cultisit of Slaanesh had barricaded themselves inside.
The rural installation presented with a series of concentric defenses made by ditches, embankments, rows of trees, buildings, walls of wood or stone. The strategy chosen by the general command was simple: three groups would have stormed the site, the PDF by following the road that led to the center of the farm, the 5th Mastiffs starting from the west side, climbing over or breaking down the barricades would reach the final goal, the 2nd Sentinels starting from the east would, like Mastiffs, following a ritch direct.
PDF teams were slowed as natural for the path easier to control from the defenders, but the strategy really wanted this to facilitate the surprise of the other two assault groups.
The 5th Mastiffs in their direct path came in a transition zone defense very well and only 20% of the guardsmen was able to go beyond the ranks of the enemy.
The 2nd Sentinels from the east even though they had the morphologically more difficult path advancing like a bulldozer found no particular obstacles from the foes weapons fire. Come at the center building of the farm, a huge barn, where the cultists firing from windows, slits and the roof, the guardsmen of the 5th Sentinels penetrated by a second-story window bypassing the direct focus of the foes.
At that point that was communicated to Petrum the achievement of the goal. Immediately the colonel with Zja reached the spot, they climbed on the roof so the guy faced a young man flanked by two demons bound. With a gesture banished the demons, then turning to their summoner touched him with a finger on his forehead, he fell to the ground unconscious. After that you walked away. Petrum from vox gave a new order:
We're done here! Let the Dogs and the PDF will take what they deserve!
Of the grouping of farms that were not few that black ash ...

Even the dust of that town
we wipe from our feet as a warning to you.
Yet be sure of this: The Emperor has come near

After ten days of license the 2nd Sentinels was sent to Maggal. In that city were employed for the service of community policing, divided in pairs patrolled assigned areas according to a strict timetable.
Yud and Symo were on patrol together and in a region adjacent saw Petrum and zuya. They spent a few moments and people came to Petrum a designated place to the north.
The two lieutenants curious and worried at the same time followed the squad is keeping a safe distance.
They reached a block of low houses, and entered a courtyard from a bow with no door, Yud and Symo paused in the doorway, in a position to ports to see what was happening.
They heard the screams of a woman who appeared in the courtyard through a door on the left side of the courtyard.
Pronounced meaningless phrases alternating with expletives ... was obviously delusional or probably possessed!
Reached the center of the courtyard knelt interrupting everything, as if exhausted. They spent a few seconds and his hips appeared sequentially elemental of all kinds that have materialized after, persisted for a few moments of dissolved without a trace.
Petrum stopped at a gesture of Zja. The young advances in fast strides toward the woman in the throes of possession. With a sweep of the arm dissolved every summon.
Fast reached the woman and placed his palm on the head awake. The woman calmed down and returned to their own. Then she fainted. Some people try to approached her but Petrum stopped them.
Recovered from the shock the woman turned to Zja crying hot tears and thanking warmly.
In the evening meeting all reported they perceived a higher power that was protecting, wrapping them and comforting them that led them and strengthened mind and arms together.
Two weeks after the incident of Maggal the woman was included in the ranks of the regiment of Capaharna.

What is your name?
My name is Legion,
he replied, for we are many

Rumors from Gherasa arrived in Capaharna. A clash was going on for days. Some sources said three battalions of the PDF were not beaten, annihilated!
Official sources reported that military troops extra-planetary had been requested and soon would come to the surface, it was said of Space Marines.
The staff of the 2nd Sentinels paid no attention a long to the dispatches. Less than a day after the start of the rumors were deployed on the road that leads to lake Thib from hilly city of Gherasa.

At its meeting briefing with General Luyk veins explained to the commanders who would be the deployment and tactics: the 5th Mastiffs, Bloodhounds the 1st, 2nd and 9th Ninth Sentinels had to serve as a distraction in order to allow the Space Marines of storming on the defenses attested on the knoll not far from Gherasa.

Petrum foretell a carnage plan, asked and obtained permission to change the positioning of the 2nd Sentinels: would attack directly east-west without the need to get around the knoll (for not be subjected to exhausting attacks of the enemy before reaching the position for climb the knoll).

On a knoll at more than six hundred meters in front of, halfway between the lake and Gherasa the informants reported of a Chaos warband which performing between flare-ups, shots of machine gun and chainswords.

The drop pod Space Marine Chapter Aurora were landed hours before and the blows of their bolter echoed in the air thick with acrid smoke and sulfur.

No one was able to advance and retreat was more ruinous than a direct charge.

Once in position, Zja confabulated with Petrum and made a further amendment to the plan of attack, divided the 2nd Sentinels : 72 guardsmen commanded by Anxdar would have place to the base of the knoll covering the climb of the twelve fellows.
All members of the 2nd Sentinels felt again pervaded the same energy that had incurred Maggal! They felt invincible!

The new phase of the battle began, a huge amount of fire sprang from below and from above the knoll. The 72 fellows led by Anxdar accurately opened a gap for the twelve that, whose ascent was made easier by changing the general plan that included an unnecessary sacrifice of troops.

The Space Marines settled on the north and south sides of the slope produced a huge volume of fire with their powerful weapons, but was unable in any way to undermine the foe or create passages exploitable for the ascent. The squads of guardsmen, apart from the 2nd Sentinels, were immediately blocked at the base of the knoll without being able to go forward or backward!

Joints on the slope twelve prepare to face the furious enemy. Yud saw two cultists-conjurers and pointed to Zja without paying the slightest attention to Petrum.
See those two? occupied them distract us their evocations!
Zja nodded with a slight smile, then with his usual subtle and suave voice said:

Psionic weapons with the protection prayers scrolls of of the eleven mow evocations demonic.

Zja appeared between the two conjurers. With a slow gesture attracted their attention.

What do you want from us supreme shaman?
Don't harass us
Zja shook his head What 'is your name?
Ego sum Legio! was the reply.
Zja said: I banish you!
The two Summoner fell to the ground unconscious, a strong wind and swirling rose above them, lightning and wind gusts mingled with shots of the bolter.

Petrum from vox gave the order to fall back. So saying, he reached Zja and with him went down the knoll to the side.

A few minutes later the knoll was conquered by the Space Marine Aurora triumphant. The operation was a success. No one, it seemed, had noticed the change of strategy.

After six days took Petrum, Jak and Jow
with him and led them up a high mountain,
where they were all alone.
There he was transfigured before them.

Back in Capharna for a short period of disengagement Zja after several days organized an output Petrum, Jak and Jow.
They left the base early in the morning, when it was still dark. They moving to a little less than thirty miles southwest, they reached an old abandoned fortress on the Mount Tavjor this mountain is a monadnock: an isolated hill or small mountain rising abruptly from gently sloping or level surrounding land, and is not volcanic.
Abandoned the vehicle at the base of the height ascended on foot to reach the summit in just over an hour. Joints on the top of the rise Zja stopped with fellows to discuss.

Not far from where they stopped the four had a spy lurking Yud. had long since developed a theory that the power to Zja was something blasphemous, and it was exactly that dowry to attract dall'Immaterium creatures of Chaos!

Zja stood up and opened his arms turning his eyes up his clothes became dazzling pirma iridescent and then, a pure white barely watchable directly.
To all those present was possible to see how it is done the Immaterium without being kidnapped. Then before you showed a column of light from which came a silvery sound, sweet and melodious tinkling sound ... the Astronomican was within their reach connected with their minds and all thoughts flowing towards it ...

Yud thanks to use psionic skills could not be reached by all that noise, although with great difficulty managed to rimanerne detached. The time spent fluid and almost imperceptible hardly had a chance to notice the hours that flowed.

This world doesn't need no opera
We're here for the operation
We don't need a bigger knife
(KillingStrangers, M.Menson)

Yud had the distinct feeling that the vision was an event sacrilegious and blasphemous. With this idea went away fast from that place with the intention of going to confer with the Inquisitor of Capharna: Kal Abdam.

Yud obtained hearing from the Inquisitor, after had explaining the situation and advanced concrete evidence of the position of heretical Zja convinced the high Lord to deliver it to a security team charged with purging the heretic!

Received by the Inquisitor Yud explains with photos, movies and stories the situation and his theory.
Each operation was a fight against "entities" Immaterium, the Chaos was looking for us every time!
What is your personal outcome of all this?
Zja psyker is an extraordinary, perhaps one of the most majestic! But this gift attracts the Chaos! We must put an end to it!
I am an Inquisitor puritan and extremist, from my opinion is that the suspicion is enough to issue a condemnation! In any case, the educational effect is exponentially greater and positive for every type of outcome, whether it is correct or, eventually erroneous.
Please take action as soon as My Lord! Said Yud
What is the compensation that ask for this service?
Reintegration in active service with the Imperial Guard and the promotion to the rank of captain ...
So be it! I already have a plan, you'll join a squada special, you will act in five days. Once completed you will have what the required!
Yud went away happy thanking obsequious.

Audaces Fortuna Iuvat,
Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat

Zja, Petrum, Jak and Jow reached a few days after the city of Dawiid for a series of educational trainings.
One evening they were called by local PDF for routine checks in the city. In a scientific way was lit a small revolt that brought the group of four to divide. Jak and Jow were arrested and walk away from Zja and Petrum.
Both were dragged out of the city to reach a park on the hill called the front garden of Zennettaro.
It was then that intervened special squad, armed with bolter firing huge nails and notes.
The Nailer-Man rushed on the two undetected as protected by darkness, confusion and some Pariah!
Petrum ended up pinned to a white wall upside down.
Not far Zja was stabbed to death and set against a huge olive tree.
While he was in agony now close to death presented itself Yud.
With the look now tarnished, bleeding and breathing hard Zja still managed to say a few words:
It was not me to draw the Chaos ... but you and Symo! You are both marked with an indelible mark ...
You raving! said Yud
I Have Not! But the time has come! I'm leaving, but they are one psyker-shaman, I know the web and in a few weeks ... I will return!
Extremis Diabolus!!
If you do not believe me check on your left shoulder and that of Symo ...
Having said this he breathed his last.
Yud turned away and reached Symo at a land called Campovasari. Here he showed his left shoulder and looked at one of the fellow ... and saw an ominous sign ...
Yud went out of his mind and decided to take his life!
It's crazy but ... remember the puppeteer? Do you remember what he said? I pull the wires ... just someone stretches the "slime of Chaos" and remove it is almost impossbile! We marked! Its the end!

Symo tried in every way to do it desisere saying:
Its the Ulitmate witchcraft of Zja not have to believe it!
In the scuffle chainsword of Yud is triggered in two mowing Symo falling lifeless.
Shortly after Yud hung himself
A red silhouette glittering laughed of all that had happened and walked away into the darkness to quest

Est modus in rebus,
sunt certi denique fines.
Quos ultra citraque
nequit consistere rectum.

(There is a right fit in things, there are proper limits | on this side and beyond which there can be just the thing).

Six months later in a home-Beeth ellee returned a mother with her firstborn Emmyu ...
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