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Default Painting Frustrations

Alright, this is going to be a mix of getting some stuff off my chest and also asking for tips and advice from those with wiser heads (and more skilled painting hands) than mine. To set the scene, since I began uni in a foreign country in late 2013, I have not managed to fully paint a single mini. This is a mix of the responsibilities of university, maintaining a healthy relationship, and telling myself I don't have the time.

What I have realized is that I may have shot myself in the foot a bit. I feel like my painting skills have devolved significantly (currently trying to paint up an Infinity Ariadna Scout for a small painting contest tomorrow). Here's what I've found:

-My painting skills have taken a hit, as I have become rusty over time. Obvious point is obvious.
-As my painting skills have dropped somewhat, I feel less confident and hence less motivated to paint.
-Finding the time to take an entire day and just paint is a thing of the past.
-I have kept playing, and even started a new game system (Infinity). I have become pretty damn good with my greenstuffing/Milliputting skills

Those are the general issues that I wouldn't mind some advice on, but there are also plenty of technical issues I would like to pick your collective brains on.

-Greens. Damn painting greens. I either get the highlights too stark, or so subtle it looks like there are none.
-My fleshtone. God damn that paint. It manages to be both too thick to paint on without brushstrokes being visible in it, as well as too thin to get decent coverage without a ton of layers. I thought I had a bad paint, and bought a new one. Same problem
--> Linked to that, I have a feeling that the near-total lack of humidity in my room is partially to blame for that, so if anyone could tell me if my hunch is right/what I can do to solve it, that'd be greatly appreciated.

So yes, that's the long and the short of it. I hope this doesn't come across as too ranty, but I really feel that hearing the opinions of others and getting some pointers could help me out.

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