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From Warseer regarding the new formation:

A few more info after a better reading. And keep in mind I translate things so in the English version of the WD things may sound different, so please don't go berserk if after I say "Dance of Death" it's in reality Death Dance, Deadly Dance, Mortal Tango or Fatal Dubsteb in your WD.

Regarding the Decurion, I find the way it works for some of these formations not that clear. Formations are presented in boxes linked by lines. You can take 1 to 10 of the optional formations, and since there are only 9 total it's obvious you can take some more than one. But the way it's presented I'm actually wondering if you can take anything you want multiple time, or only the first three ones (which are the Destroyers, Praetorian and the Canoptek one). In a way it makes sense to not spam things like Trans Ctans or Obelisk, but in another it makes no sense to be limited to a single Deathmark unit yet spam things like Praetorians... WD, why you no clear?

Also WD refers to the Decurion itself as giving bonuses to the units composing it in addition to what the Formations do, but I never managed to find these bonuses listed anywhere.

Some precisions:
- I previously said the Canoptek formation includes 1 Spyder, but later in a pic it shows said formation with 1 UNIT of Spyders. So I don't know which page is right.
- I said the Praetorian formation included a Stalker, but actually after rereading it it's an UNIT of Stalkers.
- Heavy Destroyers are indeed their one unit now.
- Deathmarks and Flayed are indeed only 1 unit.
- Dommscythes are 2 to 4.
- Royal court MUST include at least one Lord and one Cryptek.
- Obyron can replace a Lord.
- Illuminator and Orikan can replace a Cryptek.

Regarding the CTans, WD seems to really make a difference between Shards of the Deceiver, Nightbringer, Trans CTan and the Vault. This is how their power work:
- During the shooting phase, chose an enemy unit.
- Roll a D6 or pick a card to determine the attack it suffers.
- The randomness represents the CTan basically doing whatever he wants when released on a battlefield.
- Each attack comes in 2 Flavors.
- The first one, supposedly already devastating, is used by the two shards and the Trans CTan.
- The second one, that appears to be the powerful Apocalypse effect, is for the Vault.
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