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Originally Posted by ExaltedUrizen View Post
Actually I am pretty sure you can ally with yourself as battle brothers. So this list is a perfectly legal battle forged army. As for feedback, even with fateweaver re-rolling warpstorm, if you get khornes wrath you are pretty stuffed, so i would maybe use a few less flamers or pink horrors and get an instrument or 2. I always run at least 2 in 1000 point+ games, but thats just from my personal experiences. Besides that, the list is pretty good, and could potentially be very annoying of you use malefic daemonology and spam pink horror summoning and double your points.
You can't ally with yourself as battle brothers as far as I know. You CAN ally with a supplement, but it says in the BRB that it has to be a different codex than the one used for your primary detachement.

I didn't even mention the 3 HQ choices with unbound being a thing nowadays but yeah you're right @mayegelt

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