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Originally Posted by Jace of Ultramar View Post
So, I mentioned reply @morfangdakka and @Tawa posted and was told there isn't room available to house anyone til there are actual plans set in place and deposits made for catering.

However, Melissa did mention she has a few friends the two of you can share that probably smell like Sushi Express when you get right to it.
Hey I am the fish chef at a restaurant so the smell of rotting fish is nothing new to me in fact Melissa's friends might think it is me and not them that smell.

So as mentioned I am chef so catering, taken care of, Melissa hooking me and Tawa up with friends that have low moral standards and bad eye sight, deposit taken care of my friend. Jace you lucky dog you found a real keeper this time. So @Tawa book flight and get over here Jace has a room for you. I can be in Texas in 16 hours if I drive and sooner if I fly from California.

I will get me and Tawa little train conductor hats to wear for our rides on the Sushi Express ALL ABOARD!!!!!!! I should ask for pictures of Melissa's friends but after a few drinks in them and me. I won't care and well Tawa will be out putting a mop on a cow's ass trying to bang it so more of me.

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