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Heavy boots slammed into the soil leaving imprints and chuckling could be heard over 10th company's vox and Serhiy realized what was going on. The stink of fear, the absolute pungency of it like rotting bodies seemed to envelope them. There wasn't that stink around astartes, no they had fought too many times and were far too superior to cow down to such lowly emotions but simple humans? That was a different story. He looked around only a moment seeing the guardsmen some as little as seven times his youth staring back at his crimson eye lenses. Their own unprotected faces betraying the look of terror as they gazed upon the blackened charred armor of the 10th claw. The others of 10th claw unhooked various grenades and lobbed them into the crowd and the foreign Destroyer could only engage his helmets camera array to record the proceedings for later. He missed this, he missed the bloodied mess, he missed the fear, he missed the twisted gargled screams as men attempted to exclaim agony through their own viscera rising up in their throat. One daring enough soul scrambled towards him, his vision blinded by toxic fire and his skull slowly eroding away along with his helmet that did nothing to protect him. He clawed at the waistline of Serhiy, "Please! Oh fuck help me! Help me! Mercy Emperor! Mercy!!!"

With one hand the Destroyer plucked the hapless guardsmen from the ground like a dandelion and brought him close to his face plate. The man was lost in the terror and pain and began laughing and rejoicing, "Oh yes! Yes! Thank you! The Emperor is here for me! He's saved me! I'm saved!"

He belched out in laughter wheezing and hissing like a poorly maintained tank engine before speaking, "No. . . No I am not your Emperor, I'm your death," with that he cast the guardsman to the side and unhooked his own grenades, the ones that Veptus had crafted for him personally and let one loose. The results were extraordinary as men ran about screaming as blood drained from every orifice, contaminating others that were just beyond the reach as they scrambled away from the charred ceramite terror and back into their own ranks and like a wildfire consuming a dried forest they rippled outward as blood and death consumed seemingly everything. The simple art with which they died was delicious and a low chuckle protruded from the Destroyer marine, rising up slowly almost like an ancient car attempting to start and rising into a genuine laugh.

"Oh Phalx! . . . I do so miss it. . . They sing a symphony of praise!"

The thumping of guns throughout the rest of Isstvan V that echoed back to Terra itself as colossal armies epic in their own right clashed against one another, it all drowned out now fading into the background as the horrific display continued before him.

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