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Default my first tzeentch list

hey guys this is my first tzeentch list (these are the models I own and in the middle of painting)

all comments welcome will look to expand so some ideas would be good as well cheers.


Kairos Fateweaver
Lord of change with Grimoire
3x herald of tzeentch with lesser locus of trans (these guys are with each of the pink horror units)
exalted flamer (runs with the flamers)

5x flamers (1 is a pyrocaster only because I had 5 points left over)

fast attack
9x screamers

12x pink horrors
12x pink horrors
12x pink horrors

total 1499

let me know what you think if anything is out of place or changes I could make. bearing in mind that I want to keep it a tzeentch list. and not looking for uber competitive list but something that is going to hold its own as well.

cheers in advance

Orkz - 30W 14L
Black Templar - 6W 5L
Thousand Sons - 7W 8L
Tzeentch Daemons -4W 4L
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