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Radu Lykan
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was just going to get an arbites done for omam this month after going 12 for 12 last year. that was the plan anyway, yaktribes current competition is for examples of law and order which the arbites would have fitted in to.
would have been so simple.......
in the list of eligible items arbites just happened to have the word vehicle next to it and so i dug out my chapter house kit for a wheeled chimera thinking it would be a little homage to mike mcveys old riot truck.
the pics below show that the chapter house kit doesnt fit the new chimera hull if it ever fit the old one who knows but as you can see with the kits side hull pieces lined up with the back of the chimera you get a serious over lap of over 10mm in some places

after some swearing i just glued the sides on and when that was dry i shaved and filed the side pieces down to the correct size then had to redo a lot of rivets due to the big shaved areas and fill in gaps with green stuff

currently waiting on some hatch fillers from zinge industries then spraying can commence. rules wise am magnetising this so if i ever get the bitz then it can represent both a chimera and a taurox depending on my mood

just in case it takes too long to finish the tank i got an arbites sprayed

any ideas on policifying the chimera?
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