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Originally Posted by Blood_Knight View Post
So i was just kicken around on my army builder, and was wondering what you thought of this list. Is it viable? competitive? and seeing as i just got into air brushing, a white army is actually paintable for me now. does it have enough armour punch, volume of attacks for hordes and the anti-air needed. tell me what you think.

Khan w/ moondrakken - 150pts
Command w/ Apoth, 2x Combi-Flamers, Fist, Banner, Bikes - 210pts
drop the flamers give these guy the grav guns can have more
5 Bikes w/ 2 grav guns, fist, att. bike w/ MM - 225pts
5 Bikes w/ grav gun - 130pts
5 Bikes w/ 2 meltas, fist, att. bike w/ MM - 215pts
5 Bikes w/ 2 meltas - 135pts
5 Bikes w/ 2 meltas - 135pts
5 Bikes w/ melta - 125pts
combine these squads in to full sqauds and combat squad them..or leave them in 3's and make more units..
StormTalon w/ skyhammer - 125pts
StormTalon w/ skyhammer - 125pts
StormTalon w/ skyhammer - 125pts
this is ok..
TFC w/ gunner - 100pts
TFC w/ gunner - 100pts
TFC w/ gunner - 100pts
as with this
a few thoughts as a full revenwing player..small units make it more efficient..more target to shoot at killing 3 guys is better than a whole squad.
i would drop a talon and maybe a TFC and tack a Stormraven with bolter for the Stormwing formation.
the added punch really helps with the bikes
but a white scars army by itself is pretty good so go with it..bike armies are not very forgiving when it goes bad....it GOES REALLY BAD! takes a bit to get the skill of an all bike army but when you do they are soooooo much fun
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